Garmin presents new sports watch with GPS

garmin sports watch with gps

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Garmin presents new sports watch with GPS
Three Garmin Fēnix 5 models with updated features
Garmin has released a new series of Fēnix sports watch with GPS technology. In 2017, the series features Fēnix 5, fēnix 5s and fēnix 5x models in new design and sizes, as well as with updated functions. “For the first time, Garmin has released hours of various sizes within one line so that our users do not have to choose between functionality and suitable for hours,” says Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president on international sales.
The 47 mm fēnix 5 model is distinguished by a sports design and a more compact case compared to previous Fēnix line models 3. The 42 mm fēnix 5s model was designed specifically for women and is represented in three colors (silver, golden and black). Also for this model developed a wide range of QuickFit straps of different style and materials.
Fēnix 5X is the largest model in the lineup. A device with a steel housing, a size of 51 mm, has a complete set of functions for training and new navigation capabilities. All new models Fēnix 5 offer preloaded functions for running, cycling, swimming, skis, etc. In addition to the wide selection of sports profiles, devices can be used as a daily tracker activity. Built-in navigation functions include a barometric altimeter, a 3-axle compass and a gyroscope. For active athletes, the Fēnix 5 line model offers advanced data for running modes, cycling and swimming. Also ensured support for STRAVATM segments (sports tracking service for runners, cyclists, etc. Based on the GPS recording (track) of check-in / Ranare / Swimming, information about a trip in the system, which you can spend a variety of real-time analytics).
When paired with a smartphone, users of the clock can receive alerts about calls, text messages and emails directly on the device. All Fēnix 5 models are compatible with Connect IQ (open platform for third-party applications, which allows you to download applications for personalizing the Garmin personal device) so that users can download applications, widgets, data fields and dials. Moreover, the Fēnix ruler devices are compatible with the Garmin Face-IT application so that users can use favorite photos as a dial.
In addition to the clock, the “Fēnix 5 Performer Bundle” kit was developed, which also includes the HRM TRI chest pulsometer, which allows you to measure the treadmother’s data and the pulse rate during the navigation. In addition, for Fēnix 5, you can choose additional straps and bracelets (purchased separately). Leather straps, metal bracelets or sports silicone straps are offered to choose from, which can be rearranged in a few seconds without using additional tools.

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