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Characteristic features of people born in June The main mineral of June – Pearl Stones -stones for women – twins born in June Mineralogical amulets for men born in June – twins June minerals for women and men – crayfish June-Maids June corresponding to birthdays Some of the people believe that natural minerals are only soulless inserts in jewelry, and someone believes in their strength and purpose.

From time immemorial, minerals accompanied a person in life, helping him in everything.

Thousands of scientists around the world are recognized that any mineral is not just a stone, it is something more, and in its important and useful properties you must certainly believe.

We tell you what stones will be useful to people born in the first month of summer – June, and with which minerals of every June person in life will be awaiting luck.

Characteristic features of people born in June People of June are extremely neat, responsible and emotional persons with exceptional intuition.

However, it does not always indicate them to people who can hurt them.

High emotionality is revealed in the vulnerability of the soul, which both the guy and the girl of June will heal for a long time, if there was a great grief from the environment in their life.

Both a woman and a man born in June are very non -conflicts.

If an object or a situation of irritation occurs in their path, they will try to avoid it with all their might and means.

The June personalities are very talkative in life, but this is not a bad habit, but dignity, because such people are excellent jokes, fascinatingly tell, almost every question and the problem can give wise advice.

A lot of creative ideas, ready for embodiment, hovers daily in the head of the man of June.

Their creativity has no limit, and they willingly share it with others.

Despite the fact that the people of June are extremely sociable, they do not tell anyone about their feelings and hidden thoughts, everyone keeps in themselves.

This affects relations with friends, relatives and friends.

Those are waiting for the June man to speak out about the sore, and he closes, as a result of which misunderstanding arises.

In order for every June man to become more open, he can cope with feelings, he needs his gem, a mineralogical amulet, with which every day of life will be more emancipated and happier, in which there will be a lot of joy and luck.

The main mineral of June – Pearl A stone of people born in June – pearls – an organic mineral, which in composition consists of an unit of calcium carbonate and a stratum -tower -confiololin.

The hardness of the organomineral on the scale of Moos is 3-4 points, the density is from 2.

6 to 2.

78 g/cm3.

The main stone of June of the month has an incredibly delicate and enchanting palette of color shades: cream, silver, pink, white, blue, black, gold and others – a mineral can demonstrate to people more than a hundred of its tones, each of which, without a doubt, deserves admiration.

For all its beauty, a stone of personalities born in June – pearls – extremely fragile and can be scratched with any sharp object.

Almost all modern pearls are made by cultivation, while its copies are extremely rare and, as a rule, are in private collections.

Pearls are a mineral that is ideal for everyone born in June.

It is believed that it helps to gain calm, relaxes the body and soul, minimizes anxiety and difficult thoughts.

The mineral invigorates its owner, filling his heart with optimism and the desire to change the world around him.

The stone gives any acts of determination, helps to enter into the necessary contacts, strengthens marriages and friendly relations.

The “Water Elepe Stone” will quickly kill the ardor and will make any connections and processes harmonious.

De Fleur 51101S2 2 860 p De Fleur 52101S2 6 470 p Wanna? Be! E267-11 10 930 p Stones -stones for women – twins born in June For women – twins born in June, experts are offered several options for minerals as successful stones, among which each representative of the fair sex will find her amulet for everyday life, weekends and holidays.

Yellow topaz – a mineral from a group of basic aluminum silicates with a hardness of 8 units according to MOOS – will make a woman more reasonable and wise, will help in making complex decisions, will become an arrow of a compass in a serious choice.

With this career and personal life, success will be accompanied, and all negative people and events will be removed from everyday life.

Nephritis – a mineral of the amphibol group with firmness in Moos of 5.


5 points – will help to cope with stress, find the cause of any sadness and translate thoughts into a positive direction.

Chrysoprase – a variety of quartz and halzedon with a firmness of 6-7 values ​​in MOOS – will help strengthen friendship, family ties, protect from disappointments and troubles, loneliness and boredom.

Mountain crystal – pure natural silicon dioxide, a colorless, transparent variety of quartz with firmness on the Moos scale of 7 points – activates intellectual abilities, will help to concentrate, develop the gift of eloquence.

Catolic-a reddish-pink and yellow-red varieties of a chalcedon with a hardness of 7 points on Moos-will push to creative ideas, fill even ordinary processes with inspiration, reveal long-forgotten talents.

Pearls will help in the transformation of both the external and internal components of the personality of its owner.

Mineralogical amulets for men born in June – twins For June men – twins, a whole range of useful minerals is also presented, among which there is sure to be a special talisman, which will help to live the days of life optimistic and to the maximum.

Turquoise – hydrated aluminum and copper phosphate with firmness on the Moos scale of 5-6 units – will give a clear mind and sober view of reality, will help in conquering unknown, long -distance roads and spontaneous adventures.

Beryl – a mineral, which is a silicate beryllium and aluminum with a firmness of 7.

5 units according to MOOS – will contribute to career take -off, will help not stop before achieving life goals.

Obsidian – a magmatic rock, a variety of volcanic glass with a firmness of 5-6 points in MOOS – will kill aggression, warn against rash actions, will help to look at his personality and draw important conclusions about himself.

Citrin-a type of quartz from lemon-yellow and amber-honey to brownish with firmness in moos of 7 points-will set up for creativity, protect from excessive azartes and riskiness, tell you how to achieve profit in business, smooth out the complexity of character.

Agat —minell-creammar with firmness on the Moos scale of 6.

5-7 units-will bring inspired mood, help to join any team, open leadership talents, tell you how to stand out from the crowd in a good way.

June minerals for women and men – crayfish The presence of the zodiac signs “Cancer” in June less compared to “twins”, but for these people the first of the June month prepared its successful stones.

Onyx-a predominantly black and yellow-brown-green halzedonic type of quartz with a firmness of 7 units on MOOS-will put on the owner with stamina and equanimity of character, settled in the heart of courage and courage, strengthen spirit and strength for great feats and accomplishments.

Rubin – a variety of corundum, related to the class of oxides with firmness in moos in 9 points – will relieve depression and obsessive states, strengthen the body for intellectual searches, give determination in the implementation of creative plans.

A cat’s eye – a greenish -yellow variety of chrysoberill with a specific light effect and hardness in MOOS in 6.

5 units – will perform, first of all, a protective function: it will protect against great disappointments and love failures, from stupid thoughts and actions.

The stone will maintain the power of great feelings, strengthen any relationship.

Tourmaline – a mineral from a group of boros -containing aluminosilicates with a firmness of 7-7.

5 units according to MOOS – will make the owner more sensitive to everything that happens in his close environment.

The mineral will help to gain self -confidence and charge her relatives and friends, give balance of an emotional background, will lead to financial well -being.

Halzedon – a translucent mineral, a hidocrystal thin -fiber variety of quartz with a hardness of 6.

5-7 units in MOOS – will add both the internal and external image of chic and gloss, will help to be in the spotlight and be impeccable in everything.

The lunar stone – the mineral of the group of potassium field sparks, a type of low -temperature orthoclase with a hardness of 6-6.

5 values ​​in MOOS – will suppress emotional storms, help to concentrate on life purposes, believe that the impossible is possible.

Exclaim 033S2420B 2 150 p Exclaim 042G3178E 3 010 p Silver Wings 21Set8209-113 1 870 p June-Maids June corresponding to birthdays With a sufficient variety of mineralogical talismans for June people, each of them has the most “lucky” stone by date of birth.

For those who were born from June 1 to 10, Chrysoprase and Citrins can become mineralogical “lucky”.

For those who entered this life from June 11 to 21 – topaz and mountain crystal.

From June 21 to June 30 – Moonstone.

Whatever the classification of minerals for the month of birth, the main thing is to choose your own-dalerisman not only “according to the textbook”, but also guided by the heart.

If a mineral is clearly indicated in the method of choosing a stone that you absolutely do not like it, give up it, because all mineralogical amulets should be chosen by love.

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