From pearls to the signs of the zodiac: what are the floodplains in the trend in 2021?

The only one Like in a flowerbed Bright exotic Leaf fall The floral print has never been as popular as in the spring and summer of 2021! Flowers and plants bloom literally everywhere: from lapels of coats to swimsuits and sandals.

Designers seemed to have conspired, using all the flora options in their collections: buds, blades of grass, leaves and even roots.

It’s time to choose floristic jewelry that will add freshness and brightness to your jewelry wardrobe! When, if not in the early spring, admire the snowdrops, swelling kidneys and the first grass! So with jewelry exactly the same.

Now is the time to choose models inspired by herbal motifs: flowers, leaves and fruits of a natural shape.

After all, they will be at the peaks of popularity for at least another six months! Let your accessories be as similar as possible to real plants – this is one of the main jewelry trends.

Take an example from Chanel and Chloe shows – designers offer to wear flowers on the head, belt, in the form of brooches, pendants and earrings.

Jewelry or precious metals and stones? Doesn’t matter! You can choose both options depending on the style and budget.

The only one Left: Nina Ricci ring.

Right: Swarovski pendant Floristic motifs can be very selfish and present in your image in the form of one single flower: a large ring, pendant or earrings! Such a precious bud should be massive and noticeable.

Do not melieve with decor, let the petals and core be dotted with stones, rhinestones, crystals.

Such jewelry is good in that they can even be worn with variegated outfits, they are not afraid of additional prints and fit perfectly even in the most complex outfit.

Moreover, the Mix & Match style is relevant as ever.

Lovers of more classic combinations, do not be upset: with concise and “clean” outfits, such jewelry will also look harmonious.

Esthete 01k647240JEP 21 420 p Sokolov 4010620_S 44 550 p Aldzena K-14021 75 960 p Like in a flowerbed Left: Kabarovsky bracelet.

Right: Earrings and Ring Kabarovsky.

The trend opposite to the previous one.

If you can’t decide on one single one, then why not go a b-bank and decorate yourself with a precious “bouquet” immediately! A couple of seasons ago we would say that wearing floral prints with a floral print is an overkill, but now – the opposite! Plant motifs are such an acute trend that you can mix not only patterns with accessories, but also “floral” jewelry among themselves.

Some models completely resemble a fashionable flower bed, others go in a set: earrings, ring, pendant.

Feel free to wear accessories with a set, combining with flying dresses and silk blouses in the French style – create feminine images for spring exits.

The main thing is to choose your favorite flower! Swarovski 5520946 15 470 p Sokolov 784004_S 57 300 p Aldzena S-14044 58 700 p Bright exotic Brooch Kabarovsky.

In dreams of tropics and trips to the ends of the world, take a look at exotic jewelry, because large earrings in the form of an orchid, a ring with palm leaves or a brooch-halla will immediately create a summer mood and arrange the necessary accents.

If you wear jewelry with enamel or colored stones, we recommend that you choose a dress or a shirt to match accessories.

Large exotic jewelry will look great with clothing in the style of boho-chic-choose dresses with oriental patterns, suede shirts with fringe, translucent tunics.

Wear palm leaves in a duet with a scarf on your head, and the cocktail ring will “make” with bracelets.

The image will turn out to be summer, with African motives.

Another option is to focus on a bright decoration, giving preference to monochrome outfit and muffled tones.

Exclaim 033S2411E 630 p Sokolov 94012855_S 3 730 p Sokolov 94023790_S 2 340 p Leaf fall Earrings and Ring Artauro.

The theme of floristry continues the leaves-various shapes, sizes and colors: pay attention to spectacular earrings in the form of gold maples, delicate ginko leaves with Swarovski crystals or elegant brush in the form of a chestnut leaf.

You can start from symbols, because almost all plants mean something in different cultures, and you can also fill your favorite accessories with meaning.

If you want the image to be especially relevant, combine metals of different colors – gold leaves with silver.

The same applies to stones-you can afford 2-3 shade in one outfit.

Inspired by a riot of colors from Dolce & Gabbana shows-black and white winter almost behind, it’s time to paint everything around! Exclaim 035G2638E 1 940 p Aldzen P-14050 49 330 p Aldzena S-14038 72 860 p March 24, 2021

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