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Frederique Constant | Through space and time
Ksenia Voronina
The FREDERIQUE CONSTANT 2015 collection is in itself a lot of amazing discoveries. The unusual design of its own complications modules, new caliber, opening for the Lady audience a romantic world of hour mechanics, a revolutionary technology demonstrating a completely different look at the traditional functionality of everyday classics, a real view from the future – today is the Geneva Manufactory, as the last thirty years, continues to lay new ways In the hour art, for which everyone else will go soon.
Blue Planet.
What can come in handy on the way more than the indication of world time, informally called the function for travelers? The conquest of new spaces is impossible without exploring with exact time. No wonder the winner of the first hours with this complication in Russia was the great shipbuilder Peter I, and the development of world-time was impellent thanks to the expansion of the railway communication. For Frederique Constant released three years ago, the WORLDTIMER model has become a sign.
Immediately attracting a clock with a detailed map of the world in the center of the dial first of all demonstrated the seriousness of intentions and the readiness of the company to play on the field of complex hour mechanics. Two versions of WORLDTIMER who saw the light in 2012 became part of the Manufacture collection, all representatives of which work with their own Frederique Constant calibers, developed and manufactured on manufactory in Plan-Les-Uat.
On the Frederique Constant Manufactory in Plan-Les-Uat, whose area is 3000 m2, since 2015, 18 own calibers are produced.
The “Heart” of WORLDTIMER was the FC-718 mechanism, which provided surprisingly simple management of worldwide time. An additional buttons for this feature on a round case were absent: why spoil perfect forms if all settings can be made using a classic crowning head? It is enough to establish the name of the desired city at the mark “12 hours” – and the location of the internal disks will allow you to know the time in the largest cities of the world. The combination of white and blue was used to highlight the time of day.
This year the model survived a new birth, changing the color of the dial. The volumetric map of the world of anthracite color on the WORLDTIMER NAVY Blue dial is located on a noble blue background, and complements the ensemble of a blue strap from crocodile leather. The clock looks unusually relevant, because the blue is the most fashionable clock color of recent years, and besides, we remind you how we want to see our world: clean, eco-friendly, peaceful, full of endless water spaces. It is no coincidence that one of the most important missions of Geneva Manuacht in other projects is to preserve the sources of drinking water on Earth.
To the moon and stars
Frederique Constant representatives of Frederique Constant invites a romantic voyage. Especially for an elegant female wrist was adapted by one of the most popular models of the manufactory collection – Slimline Moonphase Manufacture with the indication of the moon phase. If earlier the automatic manufactory of FC 705, supplemented by a tool for tracking the Earth’s satellite, was placed in a 42-millimeter case, now the model is available in an ultra-thin body with a diameter of 38 mm. Last year, Frederique Constant has already presented “Lunnik” for the beautiful half on the basis of a practical quartz mechanism, and its unconditional success led to the idea of ​​introducing a more prestigious model with a new manu as a textured caliber.
Connoisseurs of the hour mechanics understand that creating women’s clock with complication, and even on the basis of refined male classics – in fact an incredibly difficult task for designers, and for engineers. It is not enough to simply reduce the size of the housing. The proportions of the dial, the location of the indexes are changed, the position of the lunar phase itself, the entire design of the clock and caliber is actually created. But the result is worth it. The Ladies of Slimline Moonphase Manufacture is a clock that is superbly complemented by a romantic ensemble, and an evening toilet, and a rigorous suit of a business woman. A deceptively simple dial with eight sophisticated diamond labels hides the newest mechanism for its own design. FC-703, visible through the sapphire glass of the back cover, has an automatic submission and can operate on 42 hours.
By the way, FC-703 has become one of the three new manufactory gauges launched in production this year. FREDERIQUE CONSTANT FACTORY IN THE GENEVSKY PURCURITY ORDER-LEZ-UAT began production of the mechanics of the full cycle Ten years ago, and today in the Arsenal of the brand have already 18 own “motors”, thanks to which the brand can develop not only traditional complications, but also create original author Modules.
The connoisseurs of unusual design, star romance, ancient traditions and exciting stories will certainly appreciate the special release of Manufacture Zodiac 24h from Frederique Constant, which meets the most demanded trend of this year – astronomical.
Manufacture Zodiac 24h Limited Edition with automatic FC-724 caliber with a 24-hour time indication, a Chinese zodiac calendar, a stroke of 42 hours, bridges are decorated with groove “swell” and “Geneva waves”, a 40.5 mm body made of steel with gold coated, Limit 888 copies
This clock is invited to travel in space and in time and transfer their owner to a foothold built at the end of the XI century 10-meter time tower Su Sun in the Chinese city of Kaifyn. She embodied the ideas of the ancient Chinese about time and astronomy: a water-driven watches were combined with a globe and were supplemented with figures that appear at the right time.
The location of European numbers in Manufacture Zodiac 24H was taken by the heroes of the Chinese zodiac cycle: rat, dragon, rabbit, monkey, etc. The dial was 24-hour and 120 minutes, which made it possible to transfer the eastern system of dividing the day for two-hour intervals to hours. Each of them has its own patron woman and is intended for a particular case, which, in the specified period, a person can achieve the greatest success. Upon closer examination, the division turns out to be very convenient: Having occupied from 11:00 am to 13:00 Horse calls to leave the house, the sheep from 13:00 to 15:00 hints in search of food, the dog from 19:00 to 21:00 says That it is time to proceed to protect your own house.
Classics Manufacture with automatic FC-710 caliber with a balance frequency of 28,800 pcs / hour, a stroke of 42 hours and the shooting date at the 6-hour marker – the main classic model Frederique Constant, embodying the manufactory style
The zodiac clock is indicated by the corresponding hieroglyphs on the main markup. On the inner ring with the “Railway” you can see the 24-hour European watchmaker, and the indicators of an ancient Chinese decimal time are located on the outer circle.
Such an unusual attitude to the daily separation again led to the birth of a new caliber – FC-724, controlling the 24-hour move of the arrows. The mechanism with 26 stones decorated with “Geneva Waves has a 42-hour stroke stock. Since the model is based on a Chinese zodiacal tradition, the release of each of its two versions (in the steel case and with a coated with pink gold) was limited by “happy” 888 copies.
To the future
Of course, 2015 in the history of Frederique Constant it is impossible to imagine without an unexpected revolutionary presentation of the “smart” Horological SmartWatch clock. While other hour manufacturers only think about how to treat the penetration of digital technologies in all spheres of human life, Frederique Constant first took a step into the future, at this not by the usual “wearable device”. Many experts predict that the hours of tomorrow will look like the Horological SmartWatch. Why? Yes, just because they have the main secret of the good hours. And this is not at all advanced technologies and not even follow tradition. The success of the Horological SmartWatch is that it is very beautiful and harmonious clock.
Horological SmartWatch with MMT-285 mechanism, with a date of the date, battery life of 25 months, technology Motionx, steel housing 42 mm, height 13.35 mm, water resistant 50 meters
They look like a traditional one, and a very prestigious accessory, but at the same time they boast of functions that ten years ago, no one could even imagine.
Horological SmartWatch has retained the usual elegance of the watch classic, and thanks to the cooperation with the California FullPower acquired the functions of the fitness center. The day of the watch is tracking the level of activity of the owner, and at night – the stage of sleep (SLEEPTRACKER system) so that in the morning to synchronize the alarm triggement with the most suitable for awakening the moment. The watches, the FC-285 quartz caliber whose batteries is enough for two years, exchange data with a smartphone, which turns into information storage and transmitter to send data to the Motionx cloud database.
It is symbolic that precisely for the most advanced technology designers Frederique Constant created a shell embodying the quintessence of a strict discrete style of the brand. The sensor for monitoring well-being is enclosed in a familiar round case – or steel, or steel coated with rose gold. The dial lined up classic Roman figures, and the lower part ranked the indicator, which reports the operation of the health control system. In the afternoon, the blue indicator arrow indicates the date, and at night I report the need to sleep, frozen at the image of the moon. The steel arrow indicator is responsible for displaying the level of activity.
Slimline Moonphase Manufacture in the Lady version with automatic FC-703 caliber, 42 hours stock reserve, housing 38 mm made of steel with gold coating, 60 diamonds on the Range and 8 diamonds on the dial
In Frederique Constant rightfully decided: why turn the dial in the display of a standard electronic gadget if the clock can save a classic look, simply passing data to a mobile device? And already in the smartphone, read information is displayed in the form of visual graphs, which allow you to analyze activity during the day, week and month.
Becoming the discovers, the creators of “smart” watches Frederique Constant retained amazing modesty. First, they do not claim the sole of triumph, turning the Horological SmartWatch to the platform available to any manufacturer, and secondly, due to its price, the revolutionary device will be much more affordable than similar technologies from other prestigious watch marks.
Each new product of the Swiss manufactory shows how sensitively in the company react to market requests, while maintaining a unique commitment to tradition. And surprisingly harmonious engineers and designers of manufactory seem to seem impossible, opening the secrets of the past and inviting to the future. One thing is invariably: a trip with Frederique Constant will always be interesting.

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