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Originality Breitling: what are the criteria to distinguish a fake from the original Breitling Company known collection rich luxurious wristwatch having a robust construction, broad functionality and an elegant appearance.

Due to the reputation of high-quality and expensive watches, the brand has become a symbol of personal success for many famous people.

But there is a downside – the worldwide fame provoked a wave of fake, damaging the good name of Breitling.

If you know exactly how to tell the original from a beautiful replica, – acquisition of forgery does not threaten you.

Despite the fact that the copies of the manufacturers have learned almost exactly duplicate some visual details of the most running models (and it’s kind of difficult to identify them), check the clock “Breitling” authenticity as possible.

How? Read our tips! Original timepieces “Breitling”: how to distinguish them from copies Logo factory producing luxury watches, made in the form of sea anchor and stylized letters “Bed and”, located between the wings (ie, “Breitling”).

Strips to the edges of the wings do not reach, and the symmetrical parts of the armature are not in contact with wings.

“Paws” anchor – sharp at any location on the dial, the back part, a second hand on the bracelet.

Some models are marked only the stylized «B» ( «Transocean Chronograph”).

Logo – small, very neat and always etched, while the replicas – printed.

Breitling Calendar – a characteristic feature of the chronograph, which is used to display a complex system.

On authentic models have additional dials reflecting the chronograph measurement (but not the date or the current day of the week).

In feykovye product counters often do not function, serving as a decoration.

Breitling decided to buy a luxury, but do not know what signs to distinguish the original? Pay attention to the labels – they must be applied correctly and without visual defects.

Fraudsters often offer feykovye skeletons, because they know how to enjoy “clocks” with transparent lids lovers of refined art.

Be careful! Manufactory produces only one model with an open mechanism – Bentley Mulliner.

Date indicator in the model – the dial.

In the rest of the original models use a closed design.

Almost all chronometers factory – mechanical (except for some models), so the movement of the second hand – smooth and continuous.

Pay attention to supporting the pin: the color of the element must match the hue of the second hand.

The fakes also pin – black.

Code and serial number of the timepiece shown on the reverse side.

Breitling marks absolutely all products and if you stamp on the package does not match the number on the warranty card – it is a fake.

Check the authenticity of hours of “Breitling” can be on their serial number, it is necessary to go to the official website of the company and find a page user manual.

In addition, the manufacturer marks codes steel bracelets.

If the model is equipped with authentic leather straps, look for the phrase in French: cuir true ( «leather”) or croco veritable ( «crocodile”).

Sapphire crystals real hours – anti-glare.

Quality is easy to check, putting face to sunlight.

If the readability of the indicator dropped and the glass played highlights – this is fake.

The weight of these timepieces Breitling is from 90 to 120 g If the visually heavy the device turned out to be easy – so there are not really used, often plastic components, therefore – it is a copy.

Packaging is made in the corporate style and logo on it is applied to the anchor and wings.

The proprietary box, except for hours, you will find instructions and quality certificate, which is required to indicate the place of production models.

And quite banal advice, but all the same date: authentic pilot’s watch with an anchor and wings are sold only by an authorized dealer locations whose addresses are listed on the site of manufacture, and one of which is the company Watches Master.

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