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Frederique Constant represent Horological SmartWatch
To numerous reasons, due to which competitors disliked a young audacious company Frederique Constant, another one was added: the brand became the first of the traditional watch brands that submitted the “smart clock”
As soon as I tried to take a picture of the Frederique Constant advertising banner at Geneva Airport, as the Terrible Oklik heard the back: “Monsieur”! Accelerating a step towards me the local polismenh was moving. To say that her face was black of clouds – it means not to say anything. Native Afrochweight demanded to show the results of the shooting, and sincerely amazed when instead of the photo of the location of surveillance systems and other secrets I saw only a piece of gray wall and advertising in the picture. “But why? And why do you take pictures of it, not it? ” – and lies with the neighboring walls, twisted advertising of much more famous brands. I wanted to explain that tomorrow all the newspapers and magazines will shoot photos of not these pathoral brands, namely Frederique Constant, the first among watch brands made the “smart watch”, but decided not to spend their strength. Moreover, the answer “like” Polyesmenshu fully arranged, and she switched to the search for other sources of disorder.
Aversion of competitors
“Who’s first got up, the market” is probably so possible to reinstate the famous saying. Understanding this, Peter Stas was in a hurry to get ahead of competitors and presented the world his first smart watches a month before the main time hours. The news that Mark is going to hold a presentation of an unexpected novelty, fell on everyone like snow on his head. Representatives of the clock press, she forced to quickly pack the suitcases, and manufacturers only preparing to submit their smart novelties, revealed in shock – they will show smart clock with arrows are no longer the first.
A hurry did not allow to prepare a bright large-scale presentation, which would be laid a novelty under the iconic name Horological SmartWatch. Its results were felt at the event, and in promotional materials: in the photo of the iPhone, accompanying the first in the world, the shooting smart watches clearly read the status bar Android. I don’t know if this fact was having a guide to Apple, but the leaders of many other hourly companies were to be unliar to Peter and Artist Stas with all the inherent in peace-loving Swiss power: Frederique Constant did not just first show the “smart watch”, he essentially asked a new standard for Industries and knocked out the trumps from the hands of very many competitors. The appearance of Horological SmartWatch means a serious breakthrough not only for Frederique Constant, but also for the industry as a whole. More precisely, even 3 breakthroughs.
Let’s start with the ideology of Horological SmartWatch destroys already established views on smart watches, which are mainly represented in the form of rectangular products with a LCD display and a bunch of buttons. Model from Frederique Constant Externally indistinguishable from classic status watches: Round cloth dial with overhead indexes, elegant arrows, an additional counter. In other words, nothing gives them the presence of a filling. It is the idea to link high hour arts with the latest trends in the world of wearable gadgets formed the basis of these watches and determined their name: here you and the traditions of Swiss watchmakers (Horological) and the latest developments of American specialists in electronics (SmartWatch). All the most interesting and smart ones are not exhibited, and hidden inside is a module that turns the clock into the most real center of your healthy lifestyle and harmony with the world around. It can be said that Frederiqe Constant has found a solution to the question of whether the “smart watches” will be supplied with ordinary models with wrists: no status and functionality can be combined.
Day and night
The functionality of the novelties cannot be called stunning, but the fact that now the elegant classic has a full range of fitness tracker features. The novelty is ready to follow your owner at any time of the day. In the afternoon, it tracks the level of activity, reminds that the owner sues in the working chair and he is time to take a break for a small walk. At any time, on the sub-dial at the “6 o’clock” marks, you can see the percentage of your physical activity to rest. When the owner of the new hours is going to sleep, he should be pressed on the clock head and choose the night mode. The clock will track the stages of sleep so that in the morning to synchronize the triggering of the alarm with the most suitable for awakening the moment. All these operations clocks (which are essentially a tool for collecting information) are in a pair with a smartphone on iOS or Android (which, in turn, performs the feature of the analytical center). The archive of your “observations” will be stored on the phone or, if you wish, – on a cloud server, which will exclude the loss of data in the event of a loss of the phone. By the way, thanks to the competent concept, Frederique Constant decided the question with autonomy: there are enough batteries for a clock for a day and not for a week, but on the usual 2 years.
Geneva Bridge – California
To produce independent developments in terms of electronics and microcomponents on Frederique Constant not – the company has enough cases with their own manufactory. By a happy coincidence, one of the co-founders and now the head of the California company FullPower, Philipp Cannes, previously studied in Switzerland and is familiar with the hourly industries. Two promising and experienced teams noticed each other, and in this symbiosis there were clocks in which advanced solutions are integrated not only by Swiss watchmakers, but also American specialists in the field of wearable devices. By the way, the Geneva presentation took place for 2 days before California, but European journalists had a strict socket banned to publish something about the novelties to a very uncomfortable time for them – three am on February 27. Active communication with the famous American company will help Frederique Constant strengthen positions in the American market.
The desire for cooperation was also manifested in the fact that the developed platform will be able to acquire other hourly companies that will want to give their models “smart” functionality. The presentation was particularly emphasized that Horological SmartWatch is a platform available to any clock manufacturer. Therefore, the second achievement of Peter Stas is that such a decision initially destroyed any dreams of any of the manufacturers about monopolism in the field of “smart watches”: he will not have anyone, another thing that the palm of championship will forever remain at Frederique Constant.
For health!
Nowadays, the question of a healthy and harmonious lifestyle is concerned more and more people, however, all the devices offered on the market are made exclusively in a youth and bright sports style. What to choose a business man who wants to live in adequate fitness mode, but not ready to wear with an expensive costume plastic bracelet bright blue? The answer to this question gives the brand Frederique Constant and Alpina. Assortment of the locomotive brand will be presented with several male models, differing from each other with the color of the case and the dial. In the Alpina assortment, elegant and smart female models will appear, even versions with precious stones will be. This market segment is generally as promising, because A huge number of business women got used to keep track of their health, it is easy to eat and do fitness, however, before the appearance of Horological SmartWatch, no other brand offered them something like that.
The third breakthrough Frederique Constant was the price. It was stated that it will be laid in 1000 euros, the receipt of new products on the counters of Russian stores is expected in July. The digit is very successful: it is not too expensive for a model with interesting functionality and not too cheap for the status accessory. Most likely, the versions that differ in the design and price will appear later.
It is difficult to talk about who will compete with the models shown in February – most likely, we will learn after the exhibition in Basel. Previous attempts of some watch brands go beyond their traditional market and release electronic devices still ended with the ambulance of projects. Unlike them, Horological SmartWatch is stacked in the traditional idea of ​​the clock, but give the owner new opportunities. Therefore, such a unique product will definitely find its buyer.

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