How to transform your watch in one simple step

Bonjour, amateurs de montres et lecteurs de mon blog!

I am sure that at least once it happened to each of us that the usual look of the clock was boring.

And this can happen even when you do not often use them. Sometimes it happens that you initially don’t like something about the watch. Can be color, bezel, hands or dial.

Certina DS PH 200 watch, photo taken from

Certina DS PH 200 watch

It affected me too. It happened with the clock Casio MDV-753 – rare Japanese divers on quartz caliber (for more details about the watch follow the link ). When buying, the watch was sent to me on a steel elastic bracelet.

I’m a big fan of diving watches . And since any diver’s watch is by definition made for work and convenience underwater, it obviously shouldn’t look like that. Rubber straps and steel bracelets are familiar to diving watches.

Author's photo, watch Casio MDV-753

Author’s photo, watch Casio MDV-753

Therefore, I decided to change the standard, not very suitable steel bracelet for the most real diver’s rubber strap.

And who, like Seiko, has excellent and inexpensive rubber straps for diving watches.

This small metamorphosis radically changed the whole concept , and most importantly – the appearance et perception of the watch. Thanks to such a minor change, the watch literally changed and began to look more serious, more expensive and better in every sense.

Author's photo, watch Casio MDV-753

Author’s photo, watch Casio MDV-753

In addition, this is how they were originally sold (on a rubber strap).

A simple action, as you understand, is to replace the strap. For the most part, the look of a watch depends a lot on the strap.

And depending on your preferences and choices, they can take on many guises. For example, the Rolex Submariner on a steel bracelet and on a leather strap is fundamentally different. Or “Racing” chronographs with a NATO strap instead of perforated leather.

Rolex Submariner on leather strap, photo via
Tag Heuer Monaco, photo taken from price /

Rolex Submariner on leather strap

If you feel that your watch is starting to bore you, experiment . Choose a strap or bracelet for them that will radically change their appearance.
It’s easy, not too expensive or fancy .

Merci d'avoir lu!

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