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The main secrets of the organization of the wedding day schedule Brief plan for the wedding day Bride and groom fees Ransom How much time does the official part of the wedding take Timing of a wedding banquet PHOTOSESSION A wedding is an exciting event, especially if you are going to invite many guests (on average from 20 people) to your event.

With a smaller number of people, it is not particularly difficult to organize and plan an event.

But if you have to entertain a huge crowd, then it smells of fried.

Let’s try to compose an approximate wedding timing: how much time should you go on a particular action, which is the main thing in the organization of the celebration, and what errors most often make pairs.

The main secrets of the organization of the wedding day schedule Many articles are devoted to the planning of the wedding day.

But there is the most important thing that for some reason they don’t write about: one day cannot be accommodated one day.

So the main secret of the successful timing of the wedding sounds.

And if you go to the agency, then they will tell you in direct text that the wedding is not a holiday of guests, this is primarily a holiday for a couple.

No need to make a “procession” around the sights of the city with guests.

No need to make detailed photo shoots of girlfriends of the bride’s sisters or mother’s aunt’s mother from a second marriage, even if you are very asked about it.

Another important point in timing is its observance.

There should not be a panic of course here if you are late for 5 .



10 minutes.

In an atmosphere of joy, fun and alcohol, there is little delay, let’s say, I received it, quite acceptable.

On a wedding day, it is most important to relax and enjoy the holiday.

However, despite the mood, there are 4 main temporary points that must be observed: the beginning of the fees of the bride and the groom; gathering guests; solemn ceremony and the beginning of the banquet; The end of the whole holiday.

How long does the wedding last? It is quite difficult to answer this question without preparation.

It all depends on the number of guests present.

Today, as a rule, it is common to take only one day for the holiday, no more.

But this is possible if the number of guests does not exceed 20 .



30 people.

If the people are going to come much more, then it is better to take two days to the celebration, otherwise you simply will not have time to do everything in one day.

Brief plan for the wedding day Let’s see a specific timing plan for a wedding plan for the blocks that most wedding organizers cite.

Block No.

1 – Preparation of future spouses 9:00 – rise; 10:00 – breakfast; 11:00 – 13:30 – The fees of the bride and groom.

Moreover, we note that an hour is allocated for the fees of the groom, and two for the collections of the bride.

Block No.

2 – guest fees 13:30 – 14:00 – gathering guests or WelCome; 14:00 – 14:30 – ransom (if such is planned); 14:30 –15: 30 wedding walk, photo and video shooting; Block No.

3 – registry office and the beginning of the banquet 16:00 – 16:40 – a ceremony and a photo shoot with guests.

The best option would be to separate the official painting in the registry office and feast for two days.

Thus, you can avoid problems with logistics, but in our country the wedding schedule is still trying to fit in one day; 18:00 – the beginning of the banquet.

Similarly to our example, you can draw up a detailed plan for the wedding day yourself, knowing how much your painting is assigned, and how many guests will come to your wedding.

Block No.

4 – Conclusion 23:30 – Festive salute; 24:00 – ending the holiday.

This is a approximate timing template for a wedding, which you can fit yourself for your needs.

Indeed, in our country, most often weddings are not away.

The people are signed directly in the registry office, where there are clear time frames.

For example, it is good if the painting itself hit the lunch time.

Then nothing really needs to be planned.

We got up, signed, and went for a walk.

And if for the evening, then you will have to invent how to entertain guests all day, where to take pictures, so that the dress is living directly until the marriage and much more.

That is why today it is very fashionable to organize precisely ceremonies.

Yes, they are financially more expensive than usual, but you can make a wedding schedule to your taste.

Bride and groom fees A pleasant and exciting part of the day.

Makeup and hairstyles on average requires about two hours.

Manicure and pedicure are best done the day before.

If your image requires additional procedures, for example, decorating hairstyles with jewelry (crown, tiara), then lay on fees for an hour more time.

Do not forget to allocate time for shooting fees.

After all, it is important to shoot not only the details of the image, but also the emotions of the young from the preparations, for this they should be calm and relaxed and not rush anywhere.

For fees, we recommend choosing a hotel with beautiful interiors and large windows near the wedding site.

Ransom In the examples of timing of the wedding day, they often still put a ransom.

Yes, this tradition is slowly stepping aside anyway, but in small cities a wedding without ransom and fight is considered failed.

The ransom is usually allotted to half an hour.

This is just the part of the holiday that is assigned to the assembly of guests.

Someone comes in advance, someone as always is late, but so that the already arrived people are not standing idle and not bored, young friends have fun precisely through ransom.

How much time does the official part of the wedding take The details of the wedding ceremony are slightly different in each particular registry office, however, in general, the algorithm is general, primarily dictated by the requirements of the legislation and the adopted system of work registering marriage.

Arriving at the registry office, the young give the administrator their passports and engagement rings, are noted in the registration book and expect a call in specially designated rooms.

After that, the ceremony itself begins.

The procession goes to the solemn hall, where the registrar congratulates the newlyweds and asks the traditional question whether their desire to marry sincere and voluntary.

Then the young people are invited to exchange rings, which are entered into the hall on a special plate belonging to the registry office, or on a pillow provided by newlyweds.

Signatures are placed in the act of a civil status (first the bride, then the groom), and the newly made spouses are awarded a marriage certificate.

The third part of the ceremony, following the preparatory and official, congratulatory: the young accept congratulations from the guests present at registration, are photographed, opened champagne and fasten the union with the first kiss in a new quality.

Sokolov 110031_S 17 220 p Graf Koltsov N-1566-BK/S 4 240 p Graf Koltsov SH2-15F-BK/S 4 040 p As a rule, the official part of the wedding celebration lasts about 30 minutes.

Excluding the waiting time for the invitation to the celebration hall.

We give several useful tips related to the standard registration ceremony: It is better to come to the registry office 20-30 minutes before the start of the ceremony in order not only to greet the guests and take a picture with everyone, but also to tune in to the right way.

Caring for the presence of engagement rings, passports of both newlyweds and receipts about paying for the fee is better to entrust the witness, who, although he performs a lot of responsible duties on this day, is still much less worried than the bride and groom.

In the process of exchanging rings and paintings in the act, it is better not to rush, so that the photographer and operator can fix these exciting moments.

It should be borne in mind that the work of the registry office, no matter how everyday it sounds, is by and large a conveyor, so you do not need to plan some long ceremonies.

The rituals that will be carried out during registration and immediately after it should be short, but bright and memorable.

The classic procedure for the exit ceremony is as follows: The first to come to the wedding arch are friends of the bride and girlfriends of the bride (together or in turn); Then comes the turn of the groom; Then the bride’s arm with his father goes to the wedding arch; Dad passes his daughter into the hands of her future husband; The wedding recorder reads speech and asks the main question in love; Young put rings on trembling hands; If desired, many today exchange oaths of love.

We hope that now you have an idea of ​​the official timing of the wedding day.

But in order to consolidate the information received, it may be worth marrying one of your friends so that you can see everything with your own eyes.

Timing of a wedding banquet The start of the banquet after the ceremony is usually appointed from 17.

00 to 18.


Next, we give an example of the timing of this part of the event.

If the restaurant is located within walking distance from the place of registration, then the guests, slowly, move to a banquet location.

Otherwise, you should think over and provide a group transfer.

Note: While all invited are pulled up, already arrivals can spend time in the welc-zone.

Usually, light treats, coffee, tea are placed here.

It is better to hang out the general plan for the seeding plan at the table and place individual seedlings on the tables.

So everyone will easily find their place and avoid confusion.

The wedding banquet, as a rule, takes from 5 hours, from 18.

00 to 23.

00 the feast is the apotheosis of the memorable day.

He also has his own individual timing.

Congratulations, toasts, dancing and concert numbers – your time.

To everything, as a rule, is organized by the host.

Here is an approximate timing of the banquet: 18.


30-time of toasts and congratulations, presenting gifts; 19.


00-an entertainment program of the evening-musical pauses, performances of a cover group or set of DJs, the first dance of young, general dances, contests; 22.


00-ending of the evening-throwing a bouquet and garter, a wedding cake, thanks to the newlyweds to guests, parents, organizers and a bright final-fireworks.

A few tips for a banquet: snacks and salads are served immediately, at the very beginning of the banquet, so that the guests satisfy hunger; hotly filed an hour and a half after the start of the banquet; The first two hours in the evening are busy with an active feast and congratulations.

At this time, you should not plan active dance blocks, let them immediately eat and get drunk; The numbers of the entertainment program must be divided into blocks, two or three, for 20-30 minutes each; Transfer for guests must be ordered 20 minutes before the end of the evening, so that they do not have to wait for the arrival of transport; In order to make it merrily, you should invite a couple of animators who will start the people and remain always sober.

PHOTOSESSION On average, the necessary minimum for a photo shoot in one place is one hour, in two hours you can spend a beautiful decorated shooting and change several locations (located near each other).

A good option is to hold a photo shoot near the place where the ceremony will be held.

If this is not possible, in advance, lay in timing the time that will be required to travel.

The photo shoot saves your guests to the ceremony, allows you not to rack your head about how to occupy them, you can relax and just enjoy each other.

By the end of the photo shoot, you can invite girlfriends of the bride and friends of the groom to make funny joint shots.

But the best option is to arrange photography another day after the wedding.

Firstly, this is another opportunity to wear a wedding dress, make a hairstyle and makeup.

Secondly, you will not have such a big haste, you can completely relax and get the maximum pleasure from the event and each other.

And remember that the bride and groom are the most important characters of the event, they should get the maximum pleasure of the holiday, and not run to entertain the people and organize this or that event.

To do this, there are witnesses who must work out in full, and toamada.

But if you do not have time to take up your wedding on your own, we suggest contacting the agency where professionals will do everything for you in the highest category.

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