Flight into space: we figure out what watches flew into space


Form and size.

Color spectrum.

The clarity of the indication.

The world of watches is incredibly many times.

Brands – thousands, models – hundreds of thousands, or even millions, prices – from a thousand rubles to millions of dollars (euro, Swiss francs) .



options for functional configuration, style options – this, of course, is smaller, but also decent.

However, there are some main categories.

And one of them is the so -called “costume” clock (Dress Watch).

That is, those that are appropriate, for example, for a daily visit to the office.

Which go well with a business suit.

What are the main signs of costume watches? Let’s understand.


If your activity is concentrated mainly in the office (office, accounting, design bureau – to emphasize the right one), and you visit this place of work in a suit (trousers, shirt, jacket, a tie is possible), then it is absolutely not a sports or, for example, tourist.


Why chronograph in the office?! Why in the office of the Daewer Line?! Why in accounting pilot logarithmic line?! And so on: all this is nonsense.

Three arrows, the date of the date – this is a reasonable set.

Well, maybe the window of the day of the week – in order not to come to work on a weekend or, conversely, do not take a walk in the worker.

But, in general, this is no longer necessary.

Like, however, the date.

A person in a suit, as a rule, knows both the number and day of the week.

You can do without seconds.

Here is an example: a model from the Italian brand Locman from the 1960 collection (art.


Hours and minutes, and that’s fine! The main thing is accurate, which the quartz mechanism is guaranteed.

It is also good that the case is round, the size is moderate (41 mm), the color of the dial and the strap is blue, the price is pleasant (a little for 20 thousand rubles).

Well, about the shape, color, size – in the following points.

Locman 0251A02R00BLRG2PB 22 680 p Locman 0251A05R00AVRG2PT 22 680 p Locman 0252V0100BKNKPK 28 620 p Form and size.

Yes, of course, there are hours with very intricate buildings.

For example, in the form of a guitar .



or a starship from a movie .



For a costume watch, this is definitely not suitable, because they contraindly with any extravagance.

Even stricter squares, rectangles, “barrels” are also not recommended.

Circle, that’s perfect! Unless for a business meeting at a high level, a rectangle or “barrel” may come here, but even that is not a fact.

And the circle – it is always perfect.

It is only necessary to keep in mind that a thin beeard is added by a costume clock.

In any case, not too massive.

As for the dimensions, too large buildings should be avoided, they again look in sporting and, combined with the suit, are inappropriate.

If only your wrist is not quite heroic .



And then: in the twentieth century, on the completely courageous wrists of Sean Connery, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other macho, a clock with a diameter of 33–35 mm completely organically looked.

To date, unwritten norms have shifted towards an increase, so for Dress Watch can be considered a normal and universal range of 38–43 mm.

The above Locman 1960 is just within these limits.

Another example is the elegant quartz model Big Eye from the German company Elysee (art.

18021), the diameter of its case is 40 mm, thin ash, two central arrows and a small second.

Plus, again, a very clear indication and good colors.

And the price is almost the same, 20 with a small thousand rubles.

Elysee 18021 26 070 p Elysee 18023 26 070 p Elysee 18024 27 880 p Color spectrum.

This is a thin question and at the same time simple.

As already mentioned, it is fundamentally important to avoid extravagance.

After all, it is unlikely that anyone wears a business suit of an extravagant cut (this is about forms, see the previous point) and bright colors.

Gray, blue, brown .



It’s hard to even continue! The times of scarlet jackets have gone the past, all kinds of yellow, even green, do not correspond to, and black – it is for special occasions .



And ties of screaming tones are also not in use in a business environment.

Here is the clock.

White, silver, blue dial will fit any business suit.

Blue or black strap too.

All Black, i.


The black coating of the case material, plus black dials and strap-this is already too much, this combination is not so much mourning as causing, more suitable for something like rock fest (which they hardly go in a business suit).

So, two models shown above in the sense of color are ideal.

And as an example of the proper use of black color-the Swiss watches Raymond Weil Freelancer (Ref.


The black dial is impeccable against the background of polished and satin steel of the hull and bracelet.

And everything else is in order: three arrows and date (on the automatic caliber RW4200), a diameter of 42 mm.

The price is higher than the previous ones – about 140 thousand rubles, but we have a model from a company that is firmly included in the club of Class Book manufacturers of the Accessible Luxury clock.

Raymond Weil 2731-SP5-20001 176 530 p Raymond Weil 2731-ST-52000 167 600 p Raymond Weil 5485-STP-65001 82 400 p The clarity of the indication.

For costume watches, one cannot be considered a successful solution to the clutter of the dial with all kinds of excesses that make it difficult to a quick answer to a simple question: “What time is it?”.

Not the best option and weak distinguishability – for example, white arrows on a white background.

The numbers in the date of the date (if any) are also desirable to be readable without tension.

Everything shown above meets this requirement.

As the PEQUENOS Segundos model from the Swiss company Cuervo Y Sobrinos also answers it, in a 40-mm steel case, on an exquisite (but not causing!) Steel bracelet, driven by the automatic mechanism of CYS 5157.

This is already quite Luxury, all characteristics at the right level .

We note the beautiful, with great taste conceived and masterfully completed the finish of the light gray dial.

And, of course, the extremely clear indication of the clock, minutes, seconds and dates.

The price is even higher than the previous one – about 250 thousand rubles, but it is worth it.

If you still want something more democratic, then please: also Swiss, Delbana brand, model from the Fiorentino collection (art.





The functionality is the same, but on a quartz, a steel case (42 mm), a silver dial with contrasting blue arrows, marks and numbers, a black leather strap .



Everything is worthy, and the price is 25 thousand rubles.

Delbana 53601.



042 35 100 p Delbana 53601.



062 35 100 p Delbana 53601.



102 35 100 p

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