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Quality Omega: how to distinguish a fake from the original clock Omega – one of the iconic Swiss brand, engaged in the production of wrist chronometers premium.

The company was founded more than half a century ago and today is a leader in the global watch market.

The company is an example of a true Swiss quality, so many users tend to buy it Omega.

On account of the brand – a few major innovations radically changed the history of the time display.

Among the inventions: professional instruments for riders and the first certified marine chronometers.

During a space mission to the moon, the astronauts were equipped with a clock with the logo of “Omega”, underlining the complexity and qualification.

Popular brands argues appearance of replicas of branded products.

Those who intend to purchase brand-name attribute, it is important to know how to distinguish between the original model of the “Omega” from the copy.

On the crest of the wave Manufactory was founded in 1894 in Switzerland, and as the title received the “name” of the Greek letters.

Synonymous watch brand products are aesthetic perfection; technical saturation; complete absence of defects.

Chronometers with the Greek letters of the logo so professional that can not be called a worse or a better model – any item worthy to become an ornament personal collection of exclusive merchandise.

The combination of excellent performance characteristics and increased functionality chronomere promoted worldwide popularization mark.

An important point in the development of the factory was its sponsorship of the Olympic Games in 1932.

In the record of the list – five basic collections of men’s and women’s timepieces, which are periodically updated and supplemented by new models: Constellation – refined model with the optimal set of options, which have an elegant design; Seamaster – professional tools for people with an active lifestyle; De Ville – mechanical watch with elements of luxury jewelry, combining classical tradition and innovation; Specialities – model with sophisticated design of various geometric parameters; Speedmaster – chronometers for motorists.

Almost all the collections mimic the “pirates”, so it is important to know how to distinguish the original “Omega” from the replica, not to buy a fake.

Fake or not: how to distinguish between the two models Omega “Omega”, as the “Rolex”, considered to be the most counterfeited brands of wrist chronometers.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you need to know exactly how to fake Omega model is distinguished from the original.

The algorithm is quite simple and requires no special technical knowledge.

The first – choose carefully the place of purchase, because the real Swiss watches are sold only in approved points of sale, monobrand and proven Internet resources, one of them is a company Watches Master Attention should be paid and on the packaging – its physical, aesthetic, Acquisition.

Counterfeits are often sold out of the original box or in a box of questionable quality.

Besides hours, the kit should include: plastic card certification, confirming the characteristics of the product; Warranty plastic card, this must be specified 8-digit serial number of hours of their article, the date of purchase, as well as the full name and address of the trade organization; instructions for use (in several languages), if it is not on the official website in electronic form.

Sometimes in the kit includes replacement rubber straps, if this format matches the design of the mounting modules model.

How else can you distinguish the fake Omega watches from the originals? By price! In this case, the junk prices work against the buyer – branded device assembly can not be cheap.

If you see a product with a recognizable logo for $ 50-200 – check can not be done, it is a copy, not the best quality.

Caution should be taken and discounts offered by brand Constellation Seamaster or at a discount of 50-70%.

In the photos online boutique can be the original model, but the mail you get is not the original.

In fairness it must be added that in the time and the stores are sold pretty good replica, which differ from the prototype only domestic equipment and price.

Internals these Swiss watches eliminates the use of plastic or deformed parts.

Original Omega – a combination of manual and automated assembly with high quality mechanisms to ensure maximum accuracy of the instrument.

There are individual differences.

Thus, the models Seamaster collection, besides the main crown on the left side housing is a valve for pumping in helium.

This is a necessary condition for diving watches used in deep-sea diving.

Manufacturers replicas are not burdened by the observance of such complex functions, so often the second head on the body is purely decorative.

All genuine watches “Omega” has its own unique serial number, which should coincide with the warranty card.

In your nearest boutique or service center OMEGA you can tell whether your model is the serial number on the watch.

Although the number does not confirm the authenticity of the watch, but nevertheless it is an important indicator.

If the clock has received the certificate of Master Chronometer, they will be resistant to magnetic fields.

Raised the magnet to the clock, it is easy to determine whether they are genuine.

Master Chronometer watches retain their functional characteristics, and fake – no.

In addition, OMEGA company provides an extract from the archive and certificate of authenticity.

Extract from the archive contains detailed information on the issue of hours of our production sites, and the certificate is a certificate of authenticity after the examination of the current state of hours.

On the back of the original watches has an engraving, applied evenly, gently and without grammatical errors.

And no made in .




The presence indicator of the country of manufacture hours says that in Switzerland these timepieces even passing were not.

Mark on the dial of the original – even, balanced and always covered with a luminous (fluorescent) layer to performance indicators can be read in the dark.

Additional counters (date, day / night, day of the week, chronograph) should work – in the fakes are often indicators for beauty.

Mandatory requirement – the company logo in the center of manufacture and at the top of the dial.

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