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Ten years ago, David and Jeanette Denis Flaguollet decided to support the project Only Watch – auction, which is held under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco in support of Duchenne muscular dystrophy research – creating the first model of the DB, incredible high-tech watches with innovative design.

Housing DBS White Gold witnessed a new philosophical approach to the founders of the brand to ensure maximum comfort when using these watches, as well as helped to start in-depth work on the strengthening of De Bethune specific functional aesthetics.

Cone underestimated projections, along with the crown at position 12 hours are quite subtle details, which acts in opposition to the body size of considerable size to 45 mm at the widest part.

Following the same principle as the rotating gold plate, from the top of the strap to the middle of the body, give rise to such a term as floating lugs – patented system having a spring effect which helps to adjust the clock to the size of the wrist, and his movements.

In 2005, DBS laid the foundation for what has now become one of the most innovative and creative R & D projects in the watch industry.

Young engineers under the guidance of Denis Flaguolleta put a number of unprecedented development of new product and dozens of patents, supplementary to wish list manufactory since its inception in 2002.

The caliber of the original DBS model was fully equipped with innovation and embodies the creativity and experience of the sublime and a small independent company account.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of this legendary model, De Bethune DBS equipped with tourbillon, symbolizing the highest accuracy and performance of their own caliber.

30-second tourbillon allocated considerable rate 36 000 pc / h, ideal for watches, and surprisingly light weight only 0.

18 g for a total of 63 components – of which the lightest weighs less than 0.

0001 g, and the most heavy – 0.

0276 g these are all important aspects to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the mechanism, in spite of the sharp and chaotic movements of the wrist, were achieved through a combination of silicon and titanium and their main technical characteristics.

The dial provides a spectacular view of the Caliber DB2019, opening up a wealth of technical and exquisitely decorated components.

Supported thin annular bridge of titanium tourbillon at position 6 hours infinitely takes exciting mechanical ballet.

He seemed to be floating in the air in front of anthracite deltovidnoobraznyh bridges, emphasizing the time indication with steel spherical pointer, polished and blued by hand using centuries-old techniques of flame blueing.

Subtle shades of blue arrows clean-cut and hour markers, shimmering reflections playing on materials with ruthenium patterns Côtes De Bethune, contrasting with the silver-toned finish minute scale: aesthetic DBS design is built around a technically perfect complicated clockwork, open technical and artistic skills of the manufactory and marks ten years of exclusivity, superiority, and beauty.

Specifications De Bethune DBS Tourbillon Limited Edition 10 anniversary edition models Clockwork Functional Indication of hours and minutes – power reserve indicator on the back of the case – Ultra-lightweight silicon / titanium tourbillon De Bethune 30 ” with the frequency of the 36 000 pc / h Caliber DB2019 – clockwork with manual winding Power reserve: 5 days caliber DB2019 Diameter 30 mm – 298 components – made manually finishing and decoration – titanium bridges with patterns Côtes De Bethune ruthenium-coated Double drum with self-regulation * Balancing mechanism of silicon / white gold – balance spring with flat curves at the edges * 30 second silicon / titanium tourbillon De Bethune with the frequency of the 36 000 pc / h * Silicon escape wheel * Number of jewels: 35 Rate: 36 000 pc / h Power reserve: 5 days * Innovative and patented invention manufactory De Bethune housing White Gold distinctive size – 45 to 42.

5 mm – thickness 11 mm Extras: built-in cone-shaped protrusions made of white gold Crystal: Sapphire, hardness – 1800 on the Vickers scale, double anti-reflective coating Screw-down crown at the 12 o’clock position – with two modes for calibration The rear part of the body: pure white gold – reserve line-type stroke indicator Clock face anthracite – titanium bridges with ruthenium trim – arrow spherical shape of the hand polished blued steel – silver minute scale – patterns Côtes De Bethune – silicon / titanium tourbillon De Bethune 30 ” operating frequency of 36,000 pc / h Arrows: manually polished blued steel The strap is extra-flexible alligator leather strap with buckle clasp type

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