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Style and Time.

Memoire 1 – the next revolution in high watchmaking? Coming soon, the result of a qualitative leap, which came to watch the world in the course of their evolution.

Thus, the novelty of the Atelier de Maurice Lacroix is ​​ready to reveal its many secrets.

This will happen very soon, at the exhibition Baselworld 2008.

But already today we can say that the creative formation, created this unique instance, has invested in it, not all of his brilliant ideas.

What will be the following hours of Atelier de Maurice Lacroix? We will tell about them, but today as well as thousands of astonished connoisseurs of fine watchmaking, closely following the ascension of a new star by the name of Memoire 1.

How does this watch? Logically, the idea is very simply solved.

You press a button integrated in the crown, and the hours turn into a chronograph.

You want to return to time mode – press the same button again.

Arrows and drive the hour immediately change their positions.

In this case, the previous data will not be lost.

For the first time manufacturing mechanism 28 ML makes possible a unique compilation time and chronograph functions in one device.

The first watch with a mechanical memory function – the fruit of hard work of creative research association of designers, engineers, designers and watchmakers.

One look at the Memoire 1 gives rise to a variety of emotions: even the appearance of this model makes to talk about it in terms of the Grand Complication.

The thin elegant design harmony with smooth transitions from specularly polished matte components to surfaces of different levels, and the dial body, Memoire 1 has fantastic charisma, which, like the human image, composed of the smallest stroke.

This model has only two arrows: minute and second.

But it is most difficult to watch today, in which the first wheel rotates in the opposite direction and the spring in the drum is wound from right to left, as opposed to the traditional method.

Why? Apparently, this design feature is directly linked with the work of the very buttons integrated into the crown, which takes hours of the chronograph function to the time display function and vice versa.

But the details of this innovation, we learn only in April.

However, there is another secret hours Memoire 1, which is now also become a public domain: the automatic winding rotor is offset from the center.

For this reason, the trajectory of its movement mechanism is only partly covers that gives an opportunity to admire the holy of holies – the heart of the model.

Plant spring occurs when the rotor moves in both directions, it became possible only with the use of specially designed for technical Memoire 1 nodes that optimize any movement of the wrist.

Balance descent, fully adapted for memory function comprises a transparent sapphire core, gold rim and features a non-traditional fine adjustment system.

But back to the appearance of the model.

Despite the circular, which reflects an attempt to achieve a synthesis of simplicity and elegance, white gold case Memoire 1 looks totally unique.

It contains several levels, and its screwed bezel mounted at the front sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating makes it possible to observe the movement of delight second hand, minute engaged with the ring.

The dial also includes many innovations.

Its different levels are doing some indication much more accessible.

Skeletal section in the aperture at at 6 o’clock for a few seconds opens secret memory mechanism.

Date window is different special location: on an inclined annular surface, it takes up very little space, but it is easy to read at a glance.

Special words deserves the hour indication in the model Memoire 1.

Transparent disk on which the digits are hours, not made of sapphire, as it could be.

After conducting detailed tests designers have discovered that sapphire is dense enough for that purpose and therefore too weak for a very specific function.

Thus, it was found another solution and selected material on a mineral basis, which is successfully used today in leading industries – the automotive industry or in the manufacture of mobile phones.

Special processing of this material provides greater hardness and sufficient flexibility.

In the future, Maurice Lacroix intends to use it for his other creations.


Each of them is unique.

The second hand colored blue and mounted on the outer edge of the ring minute, while the minute hand has a white coating with a blue fluorescent glow in the dark.

Skeletonized arrow in position 3 o’clock indicates the selected mode of operation of the hand tool – chrono or Time.

Completes the image of Memoire 1 excellent belt which is inherently linked to the body through a special rod system.

It is made of expensive shiny soft sheen, alligator, and its closure – white gold.

Memoire 1 – the first watch that can measure the current time and memorize it mechanically, positioning the brand Maurice Lacroix among the elected representatives of haute horlogerie.

And today, when the veil of secrecy over its mechanism ajar, the working principles of complications remain a part of the puzzle, enveloping this exceptional timepiece.

The latter promised to reveal the secrets at Baselworld 2008.

It remains only a longing to wait a bit.


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