Encelade 1789: Saturn Attacks!

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Encelade 1789: Saturn Attacks!
Lisa Epifanova
The exclusive premiere on Baselworld-2016 from the ELITE ENCELADE 1789 brand is a new collection of Skull T1 cufflinks. By tradition, it is full of secret meanings and “keys” of the brand, which are hiding in the outlines of the golden skull, adorning a sophisticated rotating mechanism.
To the implementation of its own project, the founders of the Encelade 1789 cousins ​​Julien and Laurent Lecs approached very carefully and with a big fantasy. Starting from a thoughtful name. Enseladd is one of Saturn’s companions, open just in 1789, when the Great French Revolution also occurred. They managed to create luxurious cufflinks that were tied by Swiss watch traditions and astronomy. The first collection of the name Gyro represented the miniature “planetarium”: a few rings rotating around their axis due to the complex system of microscopic ball bearings. Moreover, the rotation angle is up to 360 °, and the speed can reach up to 150,000 revolutions per minute – no brand accessories can boast such records. It is not surprising that the ENCELADE 1789 immediately appeared a lot of fans.
Encelade 1789 Rotor Ref. 1812 steel, rhodium coating
Everyone likes, when in a shirt, instead of boring onixes and diamonds, the tramless grinding “motors”, made in all the laws of luxury – up to the patented clips adjusted under the thickness of the cuff.
ENCELADE 1789 DICE REF. 1791 Steel, Gold Coating
But any good idea can come. And that this does not happen, the creators of Encelade 1789 adhere to the main rule of luxury – never stop. New ideas are followed by one after another: the DICE model was followed in the form of playing bones, then an enchanting Rotor with the Beach sector and, finally, the premiere that breaks all the laws of the genre, Skull T1. On the rotating carriage now there is a gold skull, in the form of which the head of the terminator is easily guessed. Amazes a thin drawing and execution of every detail. Skull is a real jewelry. In addition, the initials of the Open Oscal of the Terminator are encouraged by the initials of the Dual L, the branded signature of ENCELADE 1789. The Basel Prime Minister Skull will go on sale in June – however, orders arrive at it now, as well as the brand prepared three bright limited series Gyro (Ref. 1798, Ref. 1799 and Ref. 1800), which are already available in spring.
Premiere Basel-2016: Enselade 1789 Gyroscope Ref. 1799 Steel, Gold Coating, Limited Series 77 Copy
Without a doubt, ENCELADE 1789 Skull is the hit of the season. And far from the last from this brand. He’ll be back.

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