ENCELADE 1789: Horror Satellite

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ENCELADE 1789: Horror Satellite
For many, one of the brightest memories of aidity is the episode of the summer night, when he managed to bring his amateur telescope to Saturn and, looking into the eyepiece, to see this planet in reality as it was depicted in the pictures – with colored rings and satellites. Of course, not all after this experience decide to become astronomers, but the admiration suddenly brought down the door to the universe is carried throughout life.
So it happened to the French Julienne Shekamp, ​​which as a result, the youthful enthusiasm of astronomy, preferred the tradition of watch case, which remained many generations in his family. By the way, Julien Lekamp – this is the elegant gentleman in the Golden Cufflinks of the ENCELADE 1789, depicted on the previous page. He and his cousin, also having extensive experience in the hourly industry, decided to create a brand that delivered fun and pleasure themselves. Pleasure to invent these unusual accessories, pleasure to look for technical options for their incarnation, pleasure to wear them.
Enselade-1789 DICE from steel with gold PVDs include 34 details, including 8 miniature ball bearings
The idea was born out of the name. Enceladus is one of the largest satellites of Saturn, located in the outer yellow ring, was opened in 1789 by William Herschel with the very largest telescope at that time. In the same year, the Great French Revolution occurred, so the brothers decided to unite their homeland with an unusual astronomical system, which in its own way became a revolutionary. Cufflinks (including up to 56 parts) are made of several rings rotating around their axis due to the complex system of ball bearings. Details and technologies used in the manufacture of these accessories are exactly as used in innovative hour mechanics. As a result, enselade 1789 cufflinks provide an angle of rotation up to 360 °. No other brand reaches such mobility. Cufflinks are not just moving, they run! Moreover, the maximum rotation speed reaches an incredible figure: up to 150,000 revolutions per minute.
Cufflinks W Motors / Encelade-1789 made of steel with a gold PVD and a blond central ring
The second innovative invention enselade is a patented additional clip with which you can adjust the mount depending on the density of the cuff. About such “little things” Manufacturers do not even think, releasing all the cufflinks standard, and meanwhile ENCELADE 1789, despite their noticeable size, can be worn really with any, even the finest shirt. Today, the brand represents limited issues in two main collections: DICE with playing bones and planetary gyroscope, in which 12 micro-shirts are used. In 2015, the company entered into an partnership agreement with the manufacturer of racing cars W Motors on the release of the branded limited series. Etorocycred dynamic decoration, which will bring the joy to every connoisseur speed and quality things.
Patented Clip Enselade Clip allows you to adjust the fastening of the cufflink
W Motors / Enselade-1789 released in 101 numbered instance

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