Emperor Watch and Jewelery in Chongqing to introduce a new Rolex monopoly

2020 October 31, British actor Sean Connery (Sean Connery), died at 90 years old.

It starred in “Thunder Valley” “Murder on the Orient Express,” “The Rock,” “Entrapment,” “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and other films.

This is among the most well-known public than the “007” series, and actor Sean is also the first of 007 James Bond.

In 1962, he starred in “Dr.

No 007″, with elegant, handsome, competent image of a gun and red.

And for those who like watch in terms of friends, Sean Connery also has a special significance.

Because he had worn in the “007” series of films, watches, affect a lot of friends table.

In the circle that watches, especially Rolex Kelpie Ref.

6538 even as “James Bond”.

Today we’ll share with you, Sean Connery starred in six “007” series of films, what he wore a watch.

In 1962, Sean Connery starred in the first 007 movie “Dr.


” Movie, he is one of the first to wear from Gruen Wilkinson & Grist watch.

Mention the brand, 99% of the Friends of the table is strange.

Gruen dates back to 1874.

It is a German brand founded in the United States, then moved to Switzerland.

Prior to its 1950 smash hit, even in those days and the Rolex common manufacturing line.

After Gruen has been all downhill, rarely heard, the US there have been preparations for the re-launched by the German foundry.

Because this brand of modern waste + basically no close-ups, so even Sean Connery wore several times in the subsequent 007 movies, the end did not receive public attention.

Thereafter, the most important Rolex Shuigui Ref.

6538 appeared, its modern Shuigui and a significant difference is that no crown shoulder, while the crown design comparatively large, and to facilitate adjustment time on the chain, also referred to as “Big Crwon”.

Sean Connery in 1962’s “Dr.

No,” 1963 “Love from Russia” and 1964’s “Goldfinger,” 1965’s “Ray Ball” are wearing this Rolex Kelpie Ref.

6538 .

Among them, 1964’s “Goldfinger” Sean Connery on hand with Nato nylon strap Ref.

6538 close-up, became a memory of a generation.

In addition to Rolex and Wilkinson & Grist, Sean Connery in “Ray Ball 007” also had to wear a special Breitling.

While watches play a modified Dr.

Q, Geiger has a special function (measurement of nuclear radiation).

Of course, this feature is only decorative, it can not really use.

The most amazing is that, While special props table disappeared half a century.

It was found in the British car trunk flea market in 2013, when, at that time buyers took 25 pounds, about RMB 216 yuan to buy.

Because of the special shape of the case is more obvious, they were sent to the 007 studios and movie shooting Breitling official verification, validation is then egg.

Finally, in 2013 at Christie’s auction, the price is about RMB 0.

9 million.

This is also the only one to be found Sean Connery and 007 watches for sale.


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