EDOX Measures Sailing Competitions in St. Petersburg

EDOX Measures Competitions

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EDOX Measures Sailing Competitions in St. Petersburg
EDOX – 5th stage Extreme Sailing Series
From September 1 to September 4, the 5th stage of Extreme Sailing Series ™ for sailing sports was held in St. Petersburg. Following the results of 24 races, the winner was the team from Switzerland Alinghi, which literally broke the victory from Oman Air. Russian Gazprom Team Russia with superstar of sailing sports – Phil Robertson – the steering wheel took the sixth place. The largest triumph of the Russian team was in the form of two racing victories, one of which was with a huge margin, quite a feat for the team, which was dubbed as a “unpredictable phenomenon.”
A small time gap between the finalists is evidence of the ever-increasing quality of the Fleet Extreme Sailing Series. Athletes are becoming more prepared, maneuvers are smoother and boats faster, so that we are watching these battles up to the racing finals more and more, and this makes the competition for truly exciting. The exact measurement of the results provides the official chronometer Extreme Sailing Series – Swiss EDOX watches, so athletes may not worry – each fraction of seconds is securely fixed.

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