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The events of the last month have an impact on all spheres of our life with you, but a strange excitement around sugar and salt (and this, as we recall, is a “white death”) is probably not about you – we are more worried about the beloved world of the wristwatch, and What will happen to him in the new conditions.

How will the market and stamps go, what continue to work on it, where the buyer rushes? I propose my subjective opinion.

In the list of companies, which since the beginning of March this year announced the suspension of their activities in Russia, there are many hours of watches.

They stopped the sport of their Rolex products, the brands of Swatch Group (Omega, Longines, Tissot, Breguet, Jaquet Droz, Hamilton, Blancpain, Rado, Swatch and others) and the Richeron Constantin, Jaeger-Lecultre, Cartier, Cartier, Cartier, Cartier, Cartier, Cartier, Paner, Monarater, Monarater, Monter, Panner, Panner, Paner.


Lange & sohne, Baume & Mercier), similar statements were made by Audemars Piguet, LVMH group (this is Hublot, Zenith, Tag Heuer, Bvlgari, Dior), as well as Chanel and Hermes .



This is far from the full composition of “abstaining”, but it gives a good idea of ​​the scale of possible changes.

Of the above, some companies stopped export, but did not refuse retail, others preferred to close completely and wait, observing the development of the situation.

I dare to assume that decisions were made taking into account the impossibility of continuing the business in the context of a break in logistics and financial chains, without political subtext – business is business, they are managed by businessmen, not politicians, although it would be criminal to underestimate the influence of the latter on the business climate – it is recalling the recent banner of the EU Switzerland and the USA for export to Russia luxury items, and the vast majority of Swiss watches fall into this category.

So, what is this new reality in which we are? What opportunities does she open? According to the results of 2021, Swiss brands put 260 million francs in Russia, an increase of more than 30% compared to the well-old 2019.

At the same time, in the total volume of Swiss clock exports, our country represents a little more than 1% and takes 17th place (for comparison-the United States and China, which occupies 1st and 2nd places, each imports more than 13%).

Is it possible that the largest players (Swatch, Richemont, LVMH and independent brands of the first echelon), who have built relations with their Russian partners, clients who have invested in advertising and marketing, staff training, etc.

will leave the Russian market for decades? I think that no one has such a desire, but the inability to conduct normal activities in a protracted version, as well as the lack of prospects for the normalization of processes, can lead to this outcome – what will be bad, if only because they can without work without work There are thousands of specialists.

But the expectant position of the companies is already affecting us, buyers, and this is what we can see in the foreseeable future.

Definitely, we are guaranteed the heyday of the gray market, the basis of which are pawnshops.

Now their activity on a peak upsurge, everything is sold: some consider the purchase of expensive hours by reliable investment, others see a way to transfer dollars and euros from above permitted amounts across the border – on the arm (bought here for a hundred, went there, sold it for 90, there, The loss is small, less than the exchange commission).

Collectors, of course, are not among buyers.

When this wave of demand for expensive mechanics will subside, the works of this sphere will not decrease, the client will go “from the former” rich, who will no longer need symbols of prosperity, but money, but next to the “former” will arise and new ones that gained access to money thanks a crisis situation, and to whom the symbols of the naval will come very by hand .



Where will the goods come from, ask? I believe that retailers in China and the UAE will not refuse a Russian tourist in the purchase of the desired Rolex or Pateca, and I am also sure that the supply channels of the necessary models from these countries to the Russian gray market were earlier, now they will simply earn more intensively.

I deliberately began this material by mentioning the players of large, known, and on a global scale of significant, but they are not formed by the picture of the hourly world.

Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Tissot, IWC, Hublot, Tag Heuer, Richard Mille, Breitling, Jaeger-Lecheron Constantin, Offoficine Paneri The retail value of the goods produced in 2021.

Of course, this is a lot, but there are still 20%remaining, and this is also Swiss Made! Let it not at the head of the list, but well -known oris, Perrelet, Raymond Weil, Ball have underestimated amazing specimens in their collections, among the “budget” Swiss brands, the choice of beautiful and high -quality hours is huge, you only have to look for – after all, there are more than 300 marks in the country .



Dear hours will become more expensive and more and more inaccessible, remaining the lot of a small number of those interested, but in pieces the entire Swiss export of hours is 10 times less than the amount that Hong Kong exports, and 30 times less than the export of Chinese – and let’s agree here and now, that These two countries, especially Hong Kong, established production in an ideal way, produce hours and components, including Swiss brands.

Let’s leave the Swiss, see how the Undone brand develops – and this is a wonderful watch at an attractive price.

The segment of inexpensive and high -quality hours in the new conditions simply cannot but attract the attention of customers more than the same: the clock is ticking, time goes, life continues.

And the choice is great, you only need to spend time and start a little to understand the simplest markers of the quality of products, personal needs and desires, not succumbing to public and advertising pressure – it is difficult, but it is possible.

In conditions of sanctions and restrictions, the issue of replacing imported products, dear, is more acute than ever.

Will the preserved Russian hourly “industry” be able to use the moment, increase volumes, and successfully compete? I would like to believe that yes, but there are few prerequisites for this – limited production opportunities, dependence on Chinese imports, the prevailing ideas are not in favor of ours.

We love Konstantin Chaikin, his creative genius and skill, respect the “missile” and “victory” for their hard work, successes, “east” and others for what they are, and excuse me that I do not list all the living things, but the share of Russian The marks in the watch market of Russia are small, and only frankly prohibitive measures and the “obligation” can make the buyer super-masses to turn to “made in Russia”-however, I will be glad to make a mistake.

What else? From the field of science fiction: a serious revaluation of values ​​should occur – a watch, especially male, from a symbol of personal achievements will turn into a symbol of a responsible attitude towards themselves, to the world around us, to the future.

Ostentatious consumption (it is mistaken to consider that only the rich suffer from this ailment) will give way to the reasonable – not limited when one copy is acquired for the rest of his life, and to the conscious one – when the buyer can tell himself and, if necessary, forces, which is why such a choice was made.

It seems that the proportion of the watch (not smart, but ordinary), which will be purchased as a gift, will grow, because the clock, they are about time, and time – forever.

Denis Peshkov, publisher, editor, lecturer and popular journalist with 20 years of experience in specialized media, since 2007 to the present offers his original view of the difficult world of watch mechanics, telling about watches, companies and people that do this world Interesting.

Wrist watch: Raymond Weil 2785-BKR-20000 293,000 p ORIS 674-7659-41-63MB 293 800 p Ball DG30330B-S1CJ-BK 339 500 p

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