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Manufactory IWC Schaffhausen dedicates three years Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery special series of watches.

This year – in addition to the Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition «Le Petit Prince» – the light will see three more models Pilot’s Watch with the characteristic dark blue dial, brown calfskin strap and engraved on the back cover with the image of the little prince: this Big Pilot’s Watch Edition «Le Petit Prince», Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition «Le Petit Prince» and the Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition «Le Petit Prince».

In the fairy tale The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery occurs the following dialogue: (Fox 🙂 – It is necessary to observe the rites.

– What’s a rite? – I asked the little prince.

– This is also something long forgotten, – explained Fox.

– Something is why one particular day becomes like all the other days, one hour – at all other times.

In this kind of rite for IWC Schaffhausen manufactory was the launch of the special series «Le Petit Prince», dedicated to the hero of the novel of Saint-Exupery.

The story The Little Prince, first published in 1943 in New York, where at the time he emigrated to Saint-Exupéry – the most famous works of the French writer and aviator.

Subsequently, the book has been translated into 270 languages, today its sales worldwide exceeded 150 million copies.

This year, this special series joined three new models: the new Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref IW327004.

), As well as the already familiar to fans of the collection last year’s Big Pilot’s Watch Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref.

IW500916) and the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref.

IW377714) with minor modifications of the dial and strap Santoni calfskin.

A characteristic feature of the models bearing the name Le Petit Prince is a dark blue dial and brown strap made of calf leather with beige stitching – the novelty of the manufactory Santoni.

It is in these design elements embodied particularly elegant-sporty character of hours.

The reverse side of the new models is decorated with engraving «Edition Le Petit Prince», as well as the image of the little prince in his billowing cloak, made of an original drawing by Saint-Exupery 40-ies of the last century.

The dial design of the new Big Pilot’s Watch is clearly traceable features of its illustrious predecessor – models Big Pilot’s Watch in 1940.

9, which disappeared in the design collection of Pilot’s Watch 2006, adorns the dial again, both in the historic original.

Pointer to the arrow also returned to its original location at at 12 o’clock under minute scale.

Luminescent hands in the form of propellers and Arabic numerals stand out well against the dark background, and not only provide excellent readability, but also emphasize the unique nature of aviation hours.

Three new models have the main qualities of professional watches for pilots: precision, functionality and reliability.

Model Big Pilot’s Watch Edition «Le Petit Prince» is equipped with manufactory caliber IWC 51111.

Spring-loaded rotor and automatic winding Pellatona a short time accumulate stored energy, which is enough for the operation of the mechanism for at least 7 days.

After 168 hours a special transfer device automatically locks the clockwork, not allowing complete unwinding of the winding spring, which at the end of the plant has a weak torque.

This ensures greater precision of the movement at any point of his work.

power reserve indicator on the dial informs the owner of the residual energy left.

Watches Big Pilot’s Watch Edition «Le Petit Prince» equipped with a date indicator at the level of 6:00, and indispensable for the central second hand pilots.

Inner shell of soft iron, enclosed in a main body diameter of 46 mm, protects the mechanism from exposure to magnetic fields.

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition «Le Petit Prince» – the most athletic of the three new models of Pilot’s Watches, at the same time possessing a noble elegance.

Chronograph with water-resistant to 6 bar in the style of the instrument panel of the aircraft, as illustrated by the clearly structured minute scale, the white arrows mark and overhead, as well as the triangular pointer.

In 2016, the designers abandoned the three-digit date indicator, so dial it seems more spacious, and read the testimony became even more convenient.

Reliable chronograph equipped caliber 79320, and allows to measure the total stop time is prolonged up to a 12 hours.

Chronograph mechanism is placed in the inner shell of soft iron, that optimally protects it from external magnetic fields.

Complements appearance hours 43 mm stainless steel with a satin combination stylish and polished components.

Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition «Le Petit Prince» in form and content closer to the ideal classic navigational hours.

Its dial is clearly structured and similar aircraft instrument panel is equipped with only the most essential counters – a priority in this watch is readability.

The same considerations IWC designers to abandon the three-digit date indicator, replacing it with a classic index.

Watches water resistant to 6 bar, a power reserve of 42 hours and equipped with an automatic movement caliber 30110.

Like all its predecessors, the model Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition «Le Petit Prince» by precision stroke is not inferior to a professional pilot’s watches.

The inner housing of soft iron, which protects the mechanism from magnetic fields, and the glass of the dial with protection against bias when pressure drops, making Mark the XVIII worthy successor to its legendary predecessor – the Mark in November 1948.

Since 2005, IWC Schaffhausen enjoys warm partnership with the charity – the Foundation named after Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

The Foundation works closely with the NGO Sipar, which operates in Cambodia and provides school libraries with books, the so-called mobile libraries and remote regions of the country.

The result of this cooperation, as well as the direct participation of IWC Schaffhausen, became construction of two new school buildings with the library.

Getting here new knowledge can now another 1,200 children.

In addition, in the village of Siem Reap Province Roluos was built with the school library.

Manufactory IWC Schaffhausen dedicates three years Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery special series of watches.

This IWC pays tribute to one of the most successful in the history of literature and books of the author – the legendary writer, pilot and adventurer Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

The beginning of the series were the Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref.

IW502802) and the Pilot’s Watch Mark XVII Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref.

IW326506), released in 2013 for the 70th anniversary of the world famous fairy tales.

Unique platinum copy of Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref.

IW502801) was sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva for a record price of 173 000 Swiss francs.

All this amount IWC donated to the Fund name of Antoine de Saint-Exupery (Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), continue the legacy of the great humanist.

In 2014, a series of limited special series «Le Petit Prince» joined the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref.

IW377706) and the Big Pilot’s Watch Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref.


In 2015, the world saw a new version of the Big Pilot’s Watch Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref.

IW500909) in pink gold, issued in a limited edition of 250 copies.

In the same year, IWC Schaffhausen launches a new model – Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition «Le Petit Prince» (Ref IW371807.

) – with an innovative indicator of the day of the week in the form of dance of the stars.

Constantly improving technology, the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen, founded in 1868, specializes in the production of unique clockworks.

It is thanks to innovative solutions and technological innovations IWC was able to take a leading position in the international market.

Exclusive luxury brand IWC is famous for its masterpieces of Haute Horlogerie (Haute Horlogerie), which combined with the amazing virtuosity of precision mechanics and unique design.

As a company which pays great attention to environmental and social responsibility, manufactory IWC relies on responsible production, supports social projects for children and young people around the world, collaborating with organizations involved in the protection of ecology and environment.


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