Do not be too Horton backhand is a Rolex

Do not be too Horton backhand is a Rolex
The new models from the collection Poetic Wish from Van Cleef & Arpels at the exhibition SIHH 2012 Known worldwide jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels at the exhibition SIHH 2012 in Geneva, presented a new collection of elegant watches Poetic Wish.

Poetic Wish – a collection of delightful hours, each of which represents a world full of romance and love.

Exclusive models of this line were created by the skillful hands of talented artists.

This is an outstanding watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and master of enamel Dominique Baron.

It should be noted that their talent and boundless imagination reflected in every model of this collection.

Wiederrecht devoted himself to the development of complex time functions, equipping the model with additional features.

He achieved astonishing technical perfection that allows to translate into reality the most intimate and incredibly apparent dreams.

Talent Wiederrecht continues Dominique Baron, who managed to breathe life into a series of landscapes.

Each model of the collection Poetic Wish is full of emotions, transmitting a story of love and opens the fairy-tale world.

Watches Lady Arpels Poetic of Poetic Wish collection represent the landscape of Paris.

Eiffel Tower, shown on the left side of the dial, made of white gold.

The tower is depicted in such a way that the opening beneath the landscape of Paris visible from a height.

Pearlescent shade clouds visible in the waters of the Seine.

In the center of the dial shows the Notre Dame Cathedral – a symbol of the French capital.

A young girl who is depicted on the terrace of the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, in a hurry on a date.

Gorgeous picture shown on the dial, enclosed in a round case in white gold, adorned with diamonds.

The model is the strap made of silk pearl gray and natural leather.

Continuation of the same subject presented on the face of another model – Midnight Poetic Wish.

Clock face is a picture at sunset.

Young man standing on top of the towers of Notre Dame, is depicted on the left side of the dial.

The last rays of the sun illuminate the stained glass windows of the cathedral.

The young man goes to the tower terrace to the rhythm of ringing of the bells of Notre Dame.

The scene is enlivened by the sound of bells, and there is a brilliant meteor.

Star is a messenger desires and moves in the direction of the Eiffel Tower, minute by minute.

A delightful picture shown on the dial is placed in a round case in white gold, adorned with large diamonds.

“Ears” hours and encrusted with diamonds.

The model is the strap made of two materials: suede and leather in dark blue, which is in harmony with the dark sky, shown on the dial.

It should be noted that each model of a collection Poetic Wish is a technical skill watchmakers that increased virtuosity artistic skill sculptors, painters, jewelers.

The uniqueness of this watch is not only the original image on the dial, but also in the time display.

Mechanisms that are inserted into these watches are equipped with the functions of hours and minutes are displayed, thanks to the “poetic animation” on the dial.

In the model Lady Arpels Poetic Wish hour indication is carried out silhouette of a young girl, slowly moving toward the center of the dial.

A pearlescent cloud, moving horizontally to indicate minutes.

When they meet, they sound the bells of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Similarly, you can determine the time on the clock Midnight Poetic Wish: a young man, slowly moving towards the center indicates the exact hour.

The minutes are displayed by a meteor, it appears from the clouds, then flying across the sky.

All the models are provided with this special patented mechanism with a frequency of 21 600 vph, power reserve 60 hours.

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