DIY beads from natural stones

In June of this year, Armin Strom introduced a limited model of Tribute 1 First Edition with a gray dial released in the amount of 25 copies.

Now, brand fans have the opportunity to purchase two new limited products that have replenished the collection! Tribute 1 still offers an exquisite manual finish of all FIRST Edition elements, but already in the option with a black or blue dial.

The clock is placed in a stainless steel case with elegant proportions, and according to the company’s representatives are a “postmodern interpretation of the classic clock for a business suit”.

In addition, Armin Strom add: “The key word here is a hand.

A manual clock is characterized by manual trim and skilled manual work at an impressive price of $ 15,600.

” Limited series – 100 products.

Another watch Armin Strom: Armin Strom RG19-GEF.




35 2,200,000 r Armin Strom ST11 -M.

90 784 000 p Armin Strom ST20-Lab-WHITE 1 400 000 r

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