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Chockers Bracelet in BDSM aesthetics Thin chains on the body Kuffs Decorations are not only style -forming details, but also one of the ways to emphasize sensuality and look sexy, while not rising into vulgarity or vulgarity.

We will tell you how to wear seductive accessories, remaining stylish and, if desired, even restrained.

This is a whole art! Accessories have always been a way of seduction – very unobtrusive and delicate.

For example, the first chockers appeared several centuries BC – the golden collars wore in Egypt as a sign of status and chosenness.

And in the era of the late Middle Ages, with the help of wide ribbons on the neck in combination with a long pelenger, emphasizing the neckline, attracted attention to the chest and collarbone.

The same applies to accent necklaces, which were so popular in the 18th and 19th centuries – they were worn with a corset and a deep neckline.

After all, it is impossible to take your eyes off such beauty! And modern jewelry is often inspired by BDSM aesthetics, steampunk and cyberpunk.

These accessories hint at subordination-slopes, numerous hijacking chains, portup and, of course, chokers.

As for psychology, it is considered correct to emphasize the thinnest areas of the body – our brain “reads” these signs: the radiance of the bracelet on the wrist, the tape on the neck or chain that distinguishes the collarbone.

All these accessories are “close to the body” – they touch the skin, as if hinting: “Turn to me!” Chockers From English Choker translates as a “collar.

” Already understand what we are leading to? Remember at least the image of Natalie Portman from the film “Leon” – the main character was completely a girl, but she always wore a chocker who, as it were, reminded her of her still unsuccessful sensuality and femininity.

This accessory, on the one hand, emphasizes the thin neck and looks innocent, and on the other, transparently hints at hidden passions and desires.

How to wear so as not to look defiant? Refuse leather chokers in favor of velvet and silk.

Jewelry with pendants look gently and even innocent, despite the general subtext.

Combine with pullovers with a cutout or V-neck, hoodies and sweatshirts.

But we do not recommend wearing a chocker with a neckline or translucent clothes: you, of course, are provided with your attention from the opposite sex, but such an outfit will have nothing to do with the style and sophistication.

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1 10 850 p Sokolov 8510700001_S 2 200 p Unode50 COL1296MTL0000U 15 890 p Bracelet in BDSM aesthetics And again we go to the “forbidden” territory and recall the scenes from the film “50 shades of gray”, and at the same time leather cuffs, fasteners, carbines and elements of harness.

This is a story about dominance and submission, so the bracelet should be tough and remotely resemble handcuffs.

The hint is very transparent, because the lack of fire and the opportunity to give fantasy to play out is much more seductive than frank sexuality! The accessory looks sophisticated due to massive details and visually makes the hand more elegant.

There are no taboos here; Wear hard metal bracelets with anything.

You can even add 2-3 rings so that the image also becomes more trendy, like the fashion bloggers on Instagram.

SKLV 94050669_S 2 050 p Madde ICL912BW-1351 12 610 p Unode50 PUL1958MTL000 8 190 p Thin chains on the body Graceful, shining, thin – chains on the neck look playfully and coquettish, but at the same time modestly.

This is the perfect balance! Wear 3-4 chains of different lengths, and not on top of clothes, but on the skin.

Choose weaving, which shimmer in the light, for example, Snake or anchor.

Do not forget about short chains with a suspension, which is beautifully lies in the recess between the collarbones.

Such a seductive detail .



Combine with blouses in the French style or with a dress or pullover with a neckline-a “heart”.

Another interesting option is to put on a long chain backwards with a suspension below the shoulder blades, if you have a top or dress with an open back.

So I want to touch! Kuffs Another type of seductive, but not outright jewelry is a caffeat.

Unlike ordinary earrings, it focuses on the upper part of the ear and creates the illusion of piercing.

The girl who carries a caffe looks gently and defenseless, but at the same time the accessory seems to remind of her rebellious nature.

Minimalistic cafes that repeat the shape of the ear, curved or with a thin chain, look sexually.

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