Devon Star Wars Limited Edition

Devon Star Wars watch

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Devon Star Wars Limited Edition
Tread 1 clock connected to Waider’s Darth’s helmet
The watch brand Devon released the Star Wars Limited Edition Watch watch in the shape of a helmet of one of the central characters of Star Wars Darth Vader. The basis of the design of the novelty laid the Tread 1 clock with the belt mechanism. The housing of the clock is made of steel and has a black DLC coating to remind the Black Waider’s helmet. To display time, serve 4 twisted belt 2 micron thickness. In the mechanism of the clock, which is managed by a lithium battery, 313 electrocontacts are built. Battery charge is enough for 2 weeks.
About the details of the movie helmet resemble cones on the sides of the case, straps next to the dial and imperial coat of arms on the head to set the time.

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