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two classic sophisticated features and made it in its proper collection Lange 1 impressive style combined introduction by A.

Lange & Söhne latest masterpiece of haute horlogerie.

Thanks to ingenious solutions position the pointer calendar device around the main dial the current time, all the proposed hours of Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar information is displayed in the most convenient form.

Asymmetrical design of the dial hours Lange 1 as advance has been conceived in order to adapt it to the perpetual calendar indicators.

All calendar pointers artfully placed outside the main dial hours and minutes.

This is done so that it does not interfere with the process of determining the current time.

Furthermore, all the signs of new watches Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar was so perfectly balanced and integrated in the dial that the presence of additional functions, which can be guessed based on the name of the model, not obvious.

Only discreet inscription under the label 12 hours clarifies that in the mechanism of a clock has a tourbillon, which is equipped with the patented stop seconds hand at the time of correction.

When looking at a perfectly balanced dial is hardly possible to predict how difficult from the standpoint of mechanical watchmaking and engineering process has been the development of this outstanding work of art of watchmaking.

This is the tenth in a row masterpiece among the most famous watches A.

Lange & Söhne, which are applied fundamentally new technical solutions.

To make it possible to integrate calendar indicator device dial hours characteristic collection Lange 1 structure, designers have developed mechanisms to manufacture our first applied in a wristwatch device pointer rotating peripheral ring months.

The lower part of the ring has recesses of varying depth that depends on the duration of the relevant month, in addition, the new control device has been invented for the calendar mechanism.

This unique design has filed a patent application.

All indicators perpetual calendar – large date, day of the week a sector index, the index ring month, leap year indicator window and a pointer to the phase of the moon – switched instantaneously at midnight, that provides an unambiguous definition of their values ​​at any time.

The mechanism is designed so that its correction need only March 1, 2100, when the need to translate the calendar for the day ahead.

Deviation of one day precise moon phase indicator accumulated just over 122 years.

At the same time adjust the perpetual calendar pointers is very simple: for this are recessed into the side of the shell buttons that allow you to switch the calendar pointers, both individually and all together.

One of the goals set in the development of design Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar mechanism, was a guarantee that nothing will interfere with the convenient reading of the dial indicator.

For the determination to do it had to pay a high price: the dial is no window tourbillon.

However, this view is technically flawless complex design can be admired through the sapphire case-back window.

Filigree tourbillon carriage, which makes rotation around its axis for a moment, can eliminate the negative effects of gravity on the balance assembly.

The tourbillon is used Manufactory spiral Lange, guarantees an extremely high precision mechanism stroke.

When designing a balance mechanism and helix parameters were chosen so as to obtain optimum characteristics of its work at the frequency of 21600 pg / hr.

The patented stop seconds hand at the time of correction can at any time when the crown is pulled out immediately to stop the balance established in the tourbillon carriage.

Due to this, the clock time may be set to the nearest second.

A high degree of efficiency of the system of automatic factory new automatic Caliber L082.

1 provides massive rotor center joint, the median part of which is decorated embossed emblem A.

Lange & Söhne, made of 21-carat gold.

Platinum rim mounted on the outer arc of the rotor further increases the efficiency of the plant, since the density of platinum is higher than that of gold.

The presence of a platinum rim gives the rotor in the process plant additional torsional strength, so even maleysheedvizhenie watch on your wrist is converted into the energy of the winding drum, and after hours are on hand, the maximum 50-hour degree the plant is achieved fairly quickly.

Clock mechanism is endowed with many legendary hallmark of high quality Lange: all the details of the mechanism lavishly decorated by hand, tourbillon bridge and the intermediate gear manually engraved in free style, four gold bezel attached to the platinum blued steel screws.

The upper part of the carriage tourbillon finished with extremely complex and time consuming technique flat mirror polishing.

At the finish of one of the small parts of complex shape may require a five-day work.

The final touch to a brilliant watchmaking Lange is the perfect diamond stone consignment, holding the tip of the axis of the tourbillon carriage.

This detail is reminiscent of the historic Lange pocket watches, which belonged to 1A category recognized by the best quality of performance.

New watches – the most complicated model in the collection Lange 1, which is available in 41.

9 mm diameter case made of rose gold or platinum.

Model of platinum limited series of 100 specimens, which underlines the exclusive nature of this extraordinary vremyaizmeritelnogo tool.

Source – alange-soehne.


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