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Seiko Astron SSH097 is another model of the Japanese brand, which will be appreciated by fans of video games.

Watchmakers from the Land of the Rising Sun already offered avid players chronographs in honor of the 60th anniversary of SEGA and the Seiko 5 Sports collection of 6 models dedicated to the Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter.

This time, the novelty of Astron’s shade was created with the Tokyo studio Kojima Productions – the creators of the action of Death Stranding, released for PlayStation in 2019.

More precisely, the source of inspiration was Luden-the symbol of the studio led by Hideo Kojima, who appeared in the video presentation of Kojima Productions.

This image was created by Yoji Sinkava, an artist of the game of the Metal Gear series, on which Kojima Productions worked when she was a Konami Digital Entertainment division.

In 2015, Hideo Kojima left Konami and founded his own company.

He emphasizes the connection of the watch with the new studio and the inscription on the Balay in the “6 hours” position.

This is the motto of games developers – from sapiens to ludens (reference to lat.

Homo Ludens – “playing man”).

The remaining comparisons are related to the design of Astron GPS Solar Kojima Productions Limited Edition.

On the back cover and on the meter on the “9 hours” SSH097, the studio logo – the spacesuit of that same Ludenus from the video appeared.

The pattern on the dial is inspired by a carbon, which has become a prototype of material for inserts in a spacesuit.

Golden elements remind of the details of Luden’s costume.

The talisman of the studio in the video sets the studio flag on the surface of the moon.

The arrows, according to designers, should resemble a flag shaft.

The release of the watch is limited by a series of only 1000 copies.

The Astron GPS Solar Kojima Productions Limited Edition housing is made of dark gray titanium, and a 5×53 caliber is made inside.

This mechanism, eating from the Sun, guarantees an accuracy of ± 15 seconds per month and receives the exact time by GPS, which allows you to instantly tune in to local time.

The diameter of the SSH097 case is 42.

8 mm at a height of 14.

7 mm.

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