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For the first time on the Geneva manufactory Romain Jerome watch the public spoke in 2004 when the brand introduced the unique development of the company – to watch professional golfers They called the Hole in One Golf.

Counter and is uniquely positioned to (know-how manufactory!) – Specifies the number of holes and the number of strokes a player that makes it easy to keep track of the entire process of the game.

Model Hole in One Golf Counter hold leading positions exactly three years – before the advent of the new developments of the company.

The exhibition in Basel, the new collection by Romain Jerome was introduced in 2007, which literally has stirred up the world of Haute Horlogerie.

Complicated mechanisms Titanic-DNA, overlaid with materials extracted from the ocean floor, made a lasting impression on all fans of history, precision mechanics and engineering.

Our watches – a symbol of the rebirth of life, conquering death – so sounded the concept of Titanic-DNA (DNA Titanic) CEO Evan Arpa.

And as it became known from reliable sources, Titanic-DNA line – only the beginning of a series of DNA of Famous Legends of Romain Jerome, in the future, the world awaits the second coming of many forgotten legends that have become part of history.

watch time The last and perhaps the most conceptual development of Romain Jerome in the framework of the collection of Titanic-DNA – the double tourbillon Day & Night.

This watch – a breakthrough haute horlogerie in an effort to shed light on the concept of time itself.

The first day and night has clear boundaries and is measured independently.

On the dial are completely absent arrows – two indicators are the series of rotating tourbillon.

Each tourbillon works exactly twelve hours passing watch time next.

In Night and Day is used first mechanism Romain Jerome – RJ One, which was developed by BNB Concept.

The model case is made of stainless steel with the addition of titanium.

Dial is covered with a thin layer of charcoal extracted from the furnace Titanic.

Day & Night Tourbillon will be released in a limited edition of nine copies.

tribute to To create a model of Titanic-DNA Tourbillon, continuing collection of the same name, was found and raised polutorakilogrammovaya of the steel plating aft of Titanic.

The company Harland and Wolff, which is commissioned by White Star in 1910-1912 years has supplied steel for the outer finishing vessel, confirmed the absolute authenticity of the metal used for the clock.

But when you create a tourbillon in addition to wreck victims they were also used quite modern steel production Harland and Wolff, titanium and 18-carat white and rose gold.

On request can be inlaid with diamonds.

Watches are equipped with mechanical movement from the company BNB 1000RJ with a power reserve of 120 hours.

The housing cover sapphire crystal with anti-reflective layer.

Release Titanic-DNA Tourbillon limited only 9 instances.

DNA legends The concept and style chronograph Titanic-DNA Rusted Steel T-oxy III was developed according to the drawings, which built the Titanic, – he is as close to the appearance of liner.

Oxidized and rusted steel bezel has been created as a result of the diffusion process bezanalogovogo steel ship lying at a depth of 3840 meters and the steel provided by the shipyard Harland and Wolff of Belfast, where almost a hundred years ago was built by Titanic.

Chronographs windows echo the design of the steam engine of Titanic.

In the steel with titanium inserts body (diameter 50 mm) operating mechanism 21rj21c, manufactured by Concepto commissioned Romain Jerome.

In bilevel dial plate coated with a very thin layer of coal combustors Titanic, arrows located repeating outlines anchors.

Release Titanic-DNA Chronograph, designed to celebrate the centenary of the death of the liner, limited 2012 copies.

Return of the Titanic Revival of the great myth – a response gave Evan Arpa Titanic-DNA collection.

Manufactory Romain Jerome managed to carry out an unprecedented action – reincarnate liner, giving him a new life.

The first number, laid the foundation for the collection of the DNA Titanic – steel Titanic-DNA watch.

manufactory artists created designs, echoing interior solutions flagrantly luxurious cabins, salons and ballrooms first class – the subject deserved pride of the creator of the legendary White Star ocean giants Titanic and Olympic.

Gloss diamond, gold decorating body emphasizes the dial plate which is covered with a gold thin layer of charcoal, preserved under a layer of water on the Titanic and produced from furnace liner.

The hour and minute hands are repeated outlines of the anchor of the sunken ship.

Smooth operation of the entire mechanism provides size La Joux Perret 8235, moving at a speed of 28 800 pg / hour.

On the reverse side of the body, covered with sapphire crystal – hand engraving Kish Engelbartsa.

By the way, the first model of Titanic-DNA collection was presented Ronaldo – Madrid striker Real.

I am proud that such an athlete as Ronaldo will be wearing a watch Romain Jerome», – commented Mr.

Arpa gift factory .




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