Christophe Claret Maestro watches remind you of important during the day

Christophe Claret Maestro watches

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Christophe Claret Maestro watches remind you of important during the day
Open clock mechanism is complemented by Memo function
New Year, Christophe Claret, began with Maestro Watch Premiere, immediately attracting attention to the mechanism. The skeletonization that opens the “insides” of the DMC16 caliber of 342 parts, the designers were not limited to. To turn the dial in a full-fledged picture, they got rid of the “frame”, forcing the wreckable glass to play and the role of Berl. Mechanical caliber with a manual plant provides an almost seven-day stroke reserve thanks to two drums. One of them can be seen on “12 hours”.
An expressive novelty has retained elegance due to the 42-millimeter diameter of the housing. This is the smallest size of Christophe Claret watches. The housing can be made of titanium or pink gold.
In the new model, the master of unexpected complications, the creator of hours for divination on the chamomile and models using optical illusions, remained faithful. Between the marks “3 hours” and “4 hours” there is a conical module, designed to remind of important affairs during the day. After the case is done, the owner of the clock will remain on the button, and the pointer will return to its original position.
Another function is the date indication using a large date pointer in the form of a pyramid at the “5 hours” marks, with dozens on top disk and units on the bottom disk. Both versions of the clock are released by a limited series of 88 copies.

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