Christmas gifts for men: 8 exclusive ideas

So did you can relax and enjoy the pre-Christmas period, it is best to get your first Christmas presents now.

With our special gift ideas for men – so for men who seem to already have everything – you will surely find the right thing for your loved ones.

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de (Valid until December 31, 2018, only in stock Items from € 1,000) Use the voucher code: XMAS18 Christmas is the celebration of love and family.

This includes good food, Christmas carols, a decorated tree and special gifts for loved ones.

So did you-can stay relaxed When it comes to gifts, we have put together a selection of exclusive Christmas gifts for men.

Surprise your husband, partner, father or son with a special poison.

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8 exclusive gift ideas for men Every year, many women seem to ask Themselves the same question: What should I give my loved ones for Christmas? We have thought about it for you and have selected eight exclusive gift ideas for men.

Maybe there is therefore the right gift for your loved ones.

1) S.


Dupont ballpoint pen Classy writing implements,: such as this Neo Classique palladium ballpoint pen from the French company S.



Its blue and orange paintwork makes it a special work of art did is limited to just 1,905 copies.

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Dupont ballpoint pen Neo Classique Casa Finoglio 2) S.


Dupont writing set Line D Picasso Especially in times of WhatsApp messages & Co.

, a classy writing set under lines the special style of its owner.

Noble, stylish and extravagant is this S.


Dupont writing set Consisting of fountain pen and ballpoint pen with Picasso engraving.

We think: A really classy gift for stylish men.



Dupont writing set Line D Picasso: fountain pen and ballpoint pen 3) S.


Dupont pen case A writing instrument is well protected in this case made of black leather and embossed Firehead pattern.

The noble brand logo and a hand-sewn three-color ribbon are symbols of the highest quality and craftsmanship.



Dupont writing instrument case line D Firehead 4) Cufflinks and shirt buttons These cufflinks are made with matching shirt buttons in high quality handwork and with great attention to detail.

For the modern gentleman, cufflinks are On indispensable accessory to an elegant suit.

With Their simple design, thesis buttons made of 18 carat yellow gold and a black onyx each are a real eye-catcher on special occasions as well as in everyday business life.

We think: A classy gift for men who have (almost) everything.

Cufflinks & Shirt buttons set 18kt yellow gold 5) Riedel Decanter Black Tie A decanter is a vessel made of crystal glass with a narrow neck and a small spout.

Wine connoisseurs use it to separate old wines from tartar and lees.

It gives young wines the opportunity to refine Their aroma.

We think: a difference you can taste.

Surprise your husband with this special gift idea – a hand-blown Riedel decanter of the highest quality made of crystal glass.

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Riedel Glasses Decanter Black Tie 6) Carafe with personal family coat of arms Would you like to give your husband a very special and personal gift for Christmas? How about this carafe then? We engrave your family coat of arms on it gemäß to your template.

On request, we can thus create your own coat of arms for you by our heraldist.

Or maybe you would like to immortalize another beautiful symbol or loving words for your loved one on this carafe.

We would be happy to advise you on this.

Carafe Including family coat of arms 7) TAG Heuer Monaco “Steve McQueen” Trust us: Even men who seem to have everything will be happy about a wrist watch for Christmas – love especially if it’s a very unusual timepiece like this TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition “Steve McQueen”.

When Steve McQueen raced across the track in a Porsche 917 in the famous film “Le Mans” in 1971 with a Heuer Monaco on his wrist, the car had the typical blue and orange stripes and the logo of the Gulf team.

This limited icon with a 39 millimeter stainless steel case is water resistant to 100 meters.

You get it Including our watch.

de watch pass and the jeweler Ralf Häffner 1000 days guarantee.

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Is there an even nicer Christmas present for men? TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition “Steve McQueen” 8) Scatalo del Tempo watch winder If your husband owns one or more automatic watches, you probably know this situation: After the watch has not been worn for a long time, the movement stops and the time and date are no longer correct.

With the watch winder from Scatalo del Tempo you can move three watches at the same time and therefore have elegant storage for four more watches.

If your husband does not own a watch winder yet, he will surely be very happy about this classy gift for men.

You can find out what to look out for When buying a watch winder in our blog post “When does a watch winder make sense?”.

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de you will discover a large selection of other watch winders.

Scatola del Tempo watch winder We look forward to helping you find the perfect Christmas present for your husband.

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Grade: Please note the longer delivery times Usually at Christmas time and order in good time.

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