Charlie Sheen and the mystery of Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chrono

Collection Chronoswiss SkelTec differs extremely compact mechanism with manual winding, an open and a balancer housing forms with organic skeletonized lugs.

Inside SkelTec Azur hours is 304 C.

mechanism with manual winding consisting of 166 parts.

Caliber is a modern mechanical marvel with X-shaped monobloc structure, vertical alignment chronometer open balance wheel.

The blue color, which is framed novelty, historically symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust, widely associated with one of the periods of Picasso’s creativity (1901-1904 gg.

), As well as eye shadow Cleopatra.

Deep blue color was obtained in the past by grinding mineral azurite and mixing it with oil until the desired consistency.

Chronoswiss decided to recreate this ancient shade modern way, using the CVD coating process.

Extremely minimalistic dial is held in place by four bridges in the form of triangles along the perimeter, at points 11, 1, 5 and 7.

The central Black X receives a matte surface due to the chrome coating – effective pattern for white lacquered hour and minute hands.

Arrows filled phosphor Super-LumiNova, give them a light green shine in the night.

The star cover drum winding the spring, the movable gear and pivot pins coated with rhodium, is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant noble metal with atomic number 45.

After screwing the rear housing cover with sapphire double-reflective finish can be observed in a classic style mechanism.

Design SkelTec body differs by smooth organic forms that reflect the flow of time itself.

Sculptured crown protection curves illustrate this design approach.

General view retains an iconic symbol of Chronoswiss.

Modern mechanical approach to watchmaking SkelTec allows the use of five-axis CNC machine and watchmaking old school.

The strap is made of calf leather and textile specially designed for the collection SkelTec using eyelets screwed Chronoswiss patented Autobloc system.

Spectacular blue azurite has been used for countless coats of arms of the royal dynasties.

Using modern nanotechnology, Chronoswiss is now able to create the same intensity of the blue parts SkelTec Azur.

This is an opportunity to celebrate the history of modern mechanical means.

Inspired by science fiction, the latest collection of Chronoswiss SkelTec transfers his delicate hours in darkness.

Matte black parts form with the mechanism of the clock 166 parts manual winding.

Fluted bezel and crown lukovidnaya – typical markers Chronoswiss design.

All parts of the body are covered with a black DLC.

We wanted to have seamless casing organic forms, like the ships of science fiction.

To achieve this was not easy, because it is currently impossible to injection molding of stainless steel with a sophisticated design.

So we had to combine different parts manufactured on five-axis CNC machines, – explains the CEO of the manufactory.

Along with the protective crown gently curved, the most attractive from the exterior of the housing are tabs.

Obviously, SkelTec – a modern interpretation of skeleting although all superfluous had been removed on the drawing board.

We want to apply the same approach to the lugs – and this is a big problem – the design and manufacture of these high-tech organic forms, even on the best equipment.

An additional advantage of the tabs is that they use a patented system for Autobloc extremely reliable fastening band: Textile strap with leather lining and folding buckle, specially designed for the collection SkelTec.

Minimalistic C.

304 mechanism with manual winding, operating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, was designed in the studio of Lucerne, and is used exclusively for the collection SkelTec.

The first thing you will notice – is an open screw balance at 6 o’clock, reminiscent of a black hole – in the same way as any particles can not escape from a black hole, the viewer’s attention just can not break away from the balance.

This is a fundamental design principle.

When removed a lot of the surrounding material, all that’s left, takes a leading role.

Just below the balance, in positions 1 and 11 are triangular webs, which fix the main part of the mechanism, including the balance of the main spring and minute ring with white numbers in the form of a halo.

Central black as soot X-shape, achieved by using chrome-plated, bears white lacquered hands, filled with black Super-LumiNova.

The gears are covered with a dark gray rhodium and round texture, while other parts are processed radiant guilloche.

SkelTec Pitch Black 45 millimeters thick is solid hours.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape and discreet dark appearance is really watches that are perfect for any lover of modern mechanics, modern watchmaking.

Specifications Chronoswiss SkelTec Azur Reference CH-3718-BKBLB Case size 45 x 15.

15 mm, stainless steel, coated DLC, CVD.

Water resistant to 50 meters.

Mechanism with manual winding, caliber C.

304, Functions: hours, minutes.

Skeleton, 166 parts.

Incabloc anti-shock protection.

Carrying frequency 28 800 / h.

Power reserve 48 hours.

Dial blue, black; fluorescent coating arrows Textile strap with a stainless steel insert Price 20 900 euro Specifications Chronoswiss SkelTec Pitch Black Reference CH-3715M-BKBK, series limited to 50 pieces.

Case size 45 x 15.

15 mm, stainless steel, DLC coating.

Water resistant to 50 meters.

Mechanism with manual winding, caliber C.

304, Functions: hours, minutes.

Skeleton, 166 parts.

Incabloc anti-shock protection.

Carrying frequency 28 800 / h.

Power reserve 48 hours.

The dial is black; fluorescent coating arrows.

Textile strap with a stainless steel insert Price 19 900 euros

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