In Moscow, celebrated the 250th anniversary of Baccarat

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In Moscow, celebrated the 250th anniversary of Baccarat
Guests gathered at Maison Baccarat on Nikolskaya
June 5, 2014 in Maison Baccarat held a solemn celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Baccarat manufactory. The new space was transformed the interior of a mansion on Nikolskaya. Maison Baccarat opened in the building of the once largest Ferrein Pharmacy in Europe in 2008. On the first floor, Maison Baccarat is located a boutique of a brand, which presents interior items, jewelry and accessories. Over the design of the Titcher, Philip Stark worked, combining white walls with exquisite baccarat furniture, and a majestic mirror with sparkling shop windows and a 13-meter table with a crystal base demonstrating the entire collection of Home Decoration.
In the Moscow boutique Baccarat, you can see the new Zenith chandelier with inclusions of red crystal on 48 horns, as well as specially brought from Paris a huge wall clock from the crystal of the design of George Chevalier 1948. Items released specifically for Baccarat religious designers Highima Ion, Marseille Vanders, Arik Levi, Jean-Mark Gadi and many others are also presented in the boutique in Nikolskaya.
In the heart of the mansion, the Cristal Room Baccarat restaurant is located, the decoration of which is the unique chandelier, created by the Starka specifically for the capital boutique. Guests of the restaurant serves high French cuisine, created under the guidance of the famous Chef Pavar Michel Lenza. Especially for the restaurant, Philip Stark picked up hand-painted plates from the Chinese porcelain with portraits of historical personalities of the XVIII century.

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