What the coming SIHH Exhibition 2018 has in store for us

The Geneva exposition, starting on January 15, promises to be not only one of the most intense, but also interactive. The exhibition pavilion, for example, will be refurbished to accommodate a lecture hall, where it … Read more

SIHH-2019. After the ball – some of the best watches at the event

Today, just a few days after the end of SIHH 2019, we will not pretend to deeply analyze its results, but will only try to guess what the answers to the questions asked before the … Read more

Online broadcast of SIHH 2018 on instagram

SIHH-2018 – Broadcast is being updated 14:06, 23 January 2018 SIHH-2018: briefly about the main thing: the most important nuances of the exhibition in the dry language of numbers # SIHH2018 # sihh2018 # watchsihh2018 … Read more

Best Classic Watch Models Presented in SIHH 2018 Exhibition

Best Watch Models Presented in SIHH 2018 Crisis times quickly sober up consumers, reviving and sharpening their desire to buy watches for all occasions. And these are considered models of classic design. Consider the best, … Read more