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Fossil ES5090 Fossil ES5091 Fossil ES5092 Fossil FS5839 & Fossil FS5838 Fossil FS5841 At one time, the appearance of the Fossil brand marked the emergence of a new direction in the American watch industry, presenting a functional watch framing a bright and original style.

Offering not only a tool for monitoring time, but at the same time an original decoration, the brand instantly won the sympathy of the young generation, focusing on a wide range of style solutions and freedom of choice.

In addition, the brand philosophy is constructed on a constant desire for development and improvement, therefore, among the achievements of Fossil, not only a memorable appearance, but also an impressive internal that ensures the high functionality and relevance of each product.

The novelty below is a clear confirmation of this! Fossil ES5090 Fossil ES5090 16 990 p The author’s reading of the classic style with stress on the charm of the mother -of -pearl dial.

It is his emotional and slightly sentimental sound that adds to the laconic watch of individuality.

Compact dimensions enhance the versatility of the product, allowing it to organically combine it with jewelry and other accessories.

Let us pay attention to high accuracy indicators that the quartz mechanism guarantees, and the exemplary strength that the steel case and mineral glass provide.

Fossil ES5091 Fossil ES5091 16 990 p A model with a pronounced mystical mood will become a worthy replenishment of any hourly wardrobe, regardless of style preferences.

An unconditional watch decoration is a pearly dial in smoky shades, which over a certain angle shimmer with bright color accents.

Not only consonant aesthetics are notable, but also the main feature of all products of the series is the possibility of power from solar energy.

Fossil ES5092 Fossil ES5092 16 990 p Incredibly delicate model, embodied in elegant proportions and sophisticated silhouette, demonstrates the producer’s extremely attentive attitude to details.

It is this approach that allows you to maintain external attractiveness and high functionality of the product for the longest possible time.

The pearl dial surrounded by a steel case and mineral glass, reliably protecting the watch from wear and damage, deserves special attention.

The model will be a great addition to a modern everyday style with an emphasis on an expressive personality.

Fossil FS5839 & Fossil FS5838 Fossil FS5838 16 390 p Fossil FS5839 16 390 p Transalizing a constant desire for excellence, both of these products are saturated with the spirit of freedom and unlimited possibilities.

In addition to increased reliability expressed in the steel case, the clock has a 50wr water protection, as well as the function of power from solar energy.

Special mention is deserved by deep shades of the dial, adding a noble sound to a rather concise design of models.

The clock corresponds to the highest quality standards and differ in a bright personality, nevertheless, able to adapt to any style preferences.

Feeling the need to refresh the clock wardrobe with an expressive color performance and the variety of opportunities for American hour -long production, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to these worthy products.

Fossil FS5841 Fossil FS5841 16 390 p A characteristic representative of the brand’s brand aesthetics, which was reflected in the laconic case made of strong steel and a practical leather strap.

External attractiveness also corresponds to internal filling: the quartz mechanism is responsible for the accuracy of the product, and the strength of strength enhances the mineral glass and water protection 50 WR.

The beauty of noble brown shades that embody the classic mood of the model and determine its timeless relevance deserves special mention.

The versatility of the product with the possibility of power from solar energy is confirmed by carefully selected proportions, the skill of the performance of each part and the possibility of an organic combination of watches with other accessories.

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