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Carl F. Bucherr Pathos Diva
The collection of ladies’ jewelry watches Pathos was one of the first to which Carl F. Bucherer launched after the base in the new millennium. That is absolutely no coincidence, because it was the manufacture of graceful jewelry watches in the Art Deco style was the main specialization of the house Bucherer and brought him considerable fame in the 1930s.
The modern Pathos collection includes many directions, but one goal is one – to force the owner to feel the desired and omnipotent. Under the name of the lines: Princess (Princess), Queen (Queen), and married the Hierarchy of the Diva Diva …
Three divisions
The very brilliant – of course Diva, and it is in this collection of the Carl F. Bucherer designers prepared the most interesting and fascinating premieres. At the exhibition in Basel, the company presented a collection of everyday patterns of Pathos Diva in the housing of steel, gold, or a combination of two metals. Special attention is paid to the new models to work outdoor: the combination of matte and polished surfaces of the housing and bracelet, a diamond path along the dial, neat engraving of the crown head.
Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie, Quartz Mechanism, White Gold, 342 Diamond, 306 Diamonds Cutting “Baguet”
The exquisite woven pattern is drawn to attention, which is as if whaling the body from all sides, sparkling through the ears of the bracelet, the rant and even the inner surface of the dial. It reminds of the historical traditions of the brand and the style of Ar Deco and at the same time gives the clock of Pathos Diva modern personality. The people of the collection were three stylish, intelligent and again modern women – Messengers of the brand Carl F. Bucherer. The Swiss singer Nubia, popular around the world, embodies activity, optimism and strong. Model and former Miss Switzerland Bianca Sissing, a combination of beauty and versatile talents, puts ambitious goals and seeks to them with endless persistence. The Swiss skiing of Wendy Holder conquers all his love for sports, energetic and sincerity. Each of them symbolizes any features inherent in the owners of the newest models of Pathos Diva, and therefore all confident in themselves who have consisted of women in the world.
Shining aura.
But besides active everydays, there are also evenings and holidays, when I want to go out and just deliver pleasure, putting your favorite decorations. And here Carl F. Bucher has expanded the Pathos Diva line Joaillerie jewelry with a pearl dial and diamonds and Haute Joaillerie.
Pathos Diva Joaillerie, Quartz Mechanism, White Gold and Pearl, 777 Diamonds?
Pathos Diva Haute Joaaillerie clouded with countless diamonds of the Baged and Classic Classic Light Diamonds in Clean White Gold Corps. The elegant dial is similar to the sand clock, along which instead of sand, precious stones are poured. The shine of diamonds creates a refined halo around the clock, why they seem incredibly lungs. Skilled manual inlaid stones resembles stars on the majestic night sky. This precious composition, taking a glance in infinity, emphasizes the timeless nature of the model. The impression is enhanced by an amazing game of light, enveloping their magic aura. The watch from the Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie collection from Carl F. Bucherer is not limited to the time measurement function. They surround the image of shine and give their owner with magical spells.
Pathos Diva, Automatic Mechanism, Steel and Rose Gold, 54 Diamond

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