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Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Traveltec Fourx
The most famous model of Carl F. Bucherer, has already managed to become a cult – 3 hour zones, 4 case material. The question is only one: choose gold or palladium?
In 2005, Carl F. Bucherer first introduced an innovative CFB 1901 caliber for the first time, allowing to determine the time not just in two time zones, and immediately in three – so that next year it will be possible to celebrate his first anniversary. The revolutionary mechanism, as well as the Patravi Traveltec GMT model, quickly became a “business card” of the brand, and after a year at the caliber there was a first modification of 1901.1 with chronograph. Since then, the victorious procession of Patravi Traveltec on the planet was not stopped. This watch rated on business people. Those who often travel to who need to conduct business negotiations by telephone through a few time zones: no smartphone will quickly tell me what is easy to find out when looking at an additional arrival of the dial.
But the most important thing is that against the background of the abundance of various GMT and WORLDTIMER at the modern hour market (and this is indeed one of the most fashionable mechanical hour complications) could not not evaluate this practical convenience of a specially developed Traveltec module. First, you can rearrange the time in two 24-hour zones, without thinking, configuring the movement of the arrow forward or backward using the patented knob on the button at the “10 o’clock”. Secondly, the change in GMT readings does not affect the operation of the main mechanism. And finally, the duty disk can be twisted in any direction without fears.
It became very quickly clear that Patravi Traveltec from those hours that for a long time. Even when journalists and customers are tired of questioning “What will happen if I click on this button”, Carl F. Bucher engineers still continued to improve and modify the flagship model of the brand to make it even more efficient and aesthetically attractive.
Fourth element
As a result, in 2010, a new bright star appeared at the Traveltec GMT soup-free line – the Fourx model. The design of this chronograph with an indication of three time zones has become even more relevant. Fourx uses four material at once: palladium, ceramics, titanium and rubber. The combination of a flickering case made of precious and pretty heavy palladium with a matte ceramic light early and rubber buttons of chronograph, a crown and bracelet gives the appearance of the clock at the same time style, balance and image of a serious professional traveler’s device.
To emphasize the new stylish figure of the model, the dial was replaced by sapphire glass, through which the bridges of the mechanism with a black coating are visible, whereas important elements of the indication are contrastingly highlighted in red.
Important changes have occurred not only in the design and selection of materials, but also in the design of the clock and the mechanism of the adventure of the belt time. Special attention deserved a new patented button for the translation of time zones at the “10 o’clock” marks. It is now made of light and superproof titanium, and the original design of the shifting retainer allows the same button to translate the inner ring with a 24-hour display of the second time zone per hour or backward. The readings of the outer ring with the third time zone are adjusted by the rotation of the bidirectional gap. Thus, the time in two belts is displayed with only one central arrow of the red color.
Patravi Traveltec Fourx with its unique and memorable concept “Some Watches – three time zones – four material” instantly became a bestseller and a new flagship Carl F. Bucher. Therefore, it is not surprising that this model was chosen as the basis for a limited anniversary issue in honor of the 125th anniversary of the brand. In fact, the concept of the hours themselves remained unchanged, only silvery white palladium was replaced with a brighter and spectacular rose gold. However, both options for Patravi Traveltec Fourx perfectly complement each other: a rare-earth, difficult to process, very expensive, but at the same time a modest look, outwardly similar to silver palladium and one of the most famous precious metals on the planet – Gold …
By the way, the anniversary release of Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Traveltec Fourx is limited only by 125 copies, so that this model will also soon begin hunting among collectors.
The head of Carl F. Bucher Ser Sasha Maeri explained the choice of Patravi Traveltec Fourx as an anniversary version: “We created this model as a dedication to Karl F. Buyer, an insightful and purposeful person who founded the company with great creative potential.” Surely the potential of the Patravi Traveltec Fourx itself is designed for many decades.
Patravi Traveltec Fourx with automatic caliber 1901.1, housing 46.6 mm, height 15.5 mm, Titanian chronograph buttons, GMT button with rubber coating, WR 50

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