Carl F. Bucherer Alacria Royalrose

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Carl F. Bucherer Alacria Royalrose
This fall in the romantic garden Carl F. Bucher unexpectedly blossomed truly spring flower – new hours of Alacria Royalrose with an elegant pattern of shining sapphires and diamonds
The classic round model for women Pathos is complemented by the exquisite design of the Alacria collection, which instantly became a sales hit worldwide. The ALACRIA design was not only memorable and original, but also universal. Depending on the season, this model may appear in various embodiments: bright, cheerful thanks to the inlay of sapphire baguettes or turn into a real “ice” on the wrist if the side surface of the hull is covered with diamonds of the same supermodic baguette cut. Or bloom like the garden, unexpectedly deciding the blossomed buds of roses. This transformation has been demonstrating artists and jewelers Carl F. Bucherer in the limited collection of ALACRIA ROYALROSE.
The elegant and tender rose has long been considered a symbol of beauty, love and vitality. Inspired by the grace and the grace of this flower Master Carl F. Bucherer created a clock, before charm of which it is impossible to resist: ALACRIA ROYALROSE. In 2014, the Swiss hour manufactory released only 125 copies of this model with a luxuriously decorated bracelet, which, no doubt, will attract many views. With its outlines, a new magnificent sample of applied art resembles the soft contours of the violin: rounded bends emphasize the feminine nature of these watches. In each line of the housing from 18-carat white gold, the character of ALACRIA is manifested. The game of light on the edges of 137 sapphires and diamonds forming a floral ornament in warm, overflowing blue-violet colors, gives the Alacria Royalrose the relief and depth.
Perfect arms
Femininity and grace are distinguished by the arrows, the slim form of which emphasizes the tenderness and elegance of the model. The image of the volumetric floral elements decorating the dial: flowers made of 89 sapphires and 26 diamonds are perfectly harmonized with a pearl background.
High jewelry art Carl F. Bucherer fully manifested itself in the filigree bracelet finish, which continues the flower theme specified by the dial decor. The links of the bracelet, skillfully decorated with 482 diamonds and 228 sapphires, the masters gave a complicated form so that the clock was gently and tightly woven.
As a result, the clock appeared on the world, which can be called the embodiment of elegance, lightness and femininity. ALACRIA Royalrose will become an exquisite decoration for its owner, with which every minute will bloom with new paints.
ALACRIA ROYALROSE, CFB 1850 quartz mechanism, white gold housing 26.5×38 mm, 137 diamonds and 137 sapphires, 26 diamonds and 89 sapphires on the dial, limit 125 copies

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