Carl F. Bucher Manero Tourbillon

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Carl F. Bucher Manero Tourbillon
In the new limited series Carl F. Bucherer presents its own interpretation of the most famous complication, combining traditional watchmaker with optimal functionality.
Creating a tourbillon by virtue of only very few manufacturers. Especially for connoisseurs of this classical watchmaking of watch art Carl F. Bucher released the model of the MANERO Tourbillon Limited Edition.
Create the best
The tourbillon was invented at the end of the XVIII century as a device designed to compensate for the accuracy of the speed of hours caused by the effect of earthly attraction. Despite the almost old stamp story,
The tourbillon appeared in the collection of Carl F. Bucher recently. “If you do anything, then to make the best” – Masters of the company Holy Chette This principle, and to create such a masterpiece as Manelo Tourbillon Limited Edition, took years. In this watch, the elegant classic design, unparalleled ease of use and the highest manifestation of hours craftsmanship connected.
CFB T1001 caliber with manual factory, diameter 33 mm, height 6.2 mm, 35 stones, stroke reserve 70 hours. Directional direction indicator, power supply indicator and time in 24-hour format. The bridge of the tourbillon is made on the dial
It is difficult to say which side of the CFB T1001 caliber looks more exciting: from above, where in a large window about “6 hours” the sacrament of the balance of the balance and rotation of the carriage opens, or from the back cover, through which smooth bends are perfectly visible, pink rubies and symmetry of the mechanism. The masters deliberately left the manual factory, thanks to which nothing turns out the beauty of the mechanical miracle, and the rotation of the drum wheel with the logo of the brand literally fascinates the look. To emphasize the loyalty to tradition, the factory specialists used the screw balance – more complex in the setup, but spectacular visually.
With concern
The manual plant made it possible to achieve other purposes: make the clock as comfortable as possible and comfortable. The thickness of the mechanism is 6.2 mm, which is a bit for such a complex caliber – especially if the fate is that it has a stroke of 70 hours. This means that the clock will calmly continue to walk all the weekend, waiting patiently until the owner finishes with entertainment and return to his beloved masterpiece. By the way, the stroke indicator is very elegantly submitted to the dial, where he became a worthy partner of another convenient complication – a 24-hour indicator, located at the “12 o’clock” mark. Care of Masters Carl F. Bucherer about the owner manifested itself and in the presence of a date pointer, which is displayed using the central arrow. The original detail of the clock was the markup of the calendar, made around the circle of the dial: to ensure instant reading readings, the numbers of the dates between the “3 hours” and “9 hours” marks are oriented in the opposite direction.
With all the abundance of useful functions, the MANERO Tourbillon Limited Edition dial is perfectly readable, and the model as a whole looks exclusively elegant. Vividly distinguished wedge-shaped clock labels, clear listers and numbers in characteristic of Carl F. Bucherer style, pointed hour and minute arrows and the classic complex function of the tourbillon are solved in a modern key. So good hours cannot be a lot – all 188 copies will be made exclusive hours.

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