The world’s first ultra-precise curved watch – Bulova Curv

Good afternoon to all watch lovers and my blog reader!

More than once I have already had to write about watches created to achieve something amazing and unusual .

Today’s clock is one of those.

The history of the American watch company Bulova is more than 140 years old.

During this time, they managed to create dozens and hundreds of different designs, and even several times became champions and pioneers in the watch industry.

Advertising of Bulova watches from the 70s, photo taken from

So, in 1960, the Bulova Accutron watch became the first wristwatch in which there was no balance or spiral, with an accuracy of 2 seconds per day.

Another of the company’s watch models, by a happy coincidence, even visited the moon

The watches, being reliable, inexpensive and unpretentious, quickly captured the American market, and it is safe to say that almost all US residents wore a Bulova watch on their wrist .

However, with the advent of the ” quartz crisis “, competition in the form of even cheaper watches from the Asian markets, Bulova temporarily lost its popularity and universal love.

And now, after so many years, the company again surprises all watch enthusiasts by releasing a new, amazing model – Bulova Curv – according to the brand, the world’s first ultra-precise curved watch.

Bulova Curv, photo taken from

Indeed, the watch is striking at first sight.

Being not just curved , but also a chronograph , the watch takes the concept of a curved watch to a new, elusive level .

The watch is a high-precision quartz chronograph, but the really main feature here is the curvature of all watches .

Bulova Curv, photo taken from

This means that not only the case is bent, but all the parts of the mechanism, and even the arrows!

One of the unusual things here is also a transparent case back (which is a rarity for a quartz watch). It’s here so that you can make sure that the movement is really curved , and not flat and fitted to the curved case (as they do in some other watches).

Bulova Curv, photo taken from

The price of the watch does not bite – 799 and 899 for different models. In addition to the transparent case back, they also have a semi-skeletonized dial.

The diameter of the watch is 43 and 45 mm , depending on the model.

The watch mechanism is a high frequency quartz , operating at 262 kHz , which provides increased accuracy compared to other quartz movements.

It also provides a surprisingly smooth second hand , so smooth that it cannot be compared to a conventional movement.

I would compare it to Seiko Spring Drive technology.

Bulova Curv, photo taken from

The watch is equipped with a conventional chronograph, with hours, minutes and seconds counting down.

But what is a curved watch for?

As stated by Bulova – so that the watch would sit better and more comfortably on the wrist . And, of course, in order to present your watchmaking achievements to the world in the form of the world’s first fully curved watch.

In general, the design and idea of ​​the watch are very unique and interesting.

To touch the high hourly achievements for less than $ 1000 is a unique opportunity.

How do you like this watch? Do you consider this a necessity or just an opportunity to “show off”?

Would you buy yourself such a watch?

Write in the comments!

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