Bulgari Lvcea.

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Bulgari Lvcea.
The LUCEA collection only in the first glance seems simple and practical. In her, the history and modernity, the whole fantasy and skill of Bulgari
Two years ago, Bulgari jewelry-hour house introduced a new collection of ladies with a romantic name Lucea. As it turned out, timeless forms of ancient culture, the legacy of the jewelry house itself in the form of explicit reference to the elements of the legendary design of Serpenti, are easily guessed behind simple and concise lines. as well as endless opportunities for artistic experiments. Thus, in the new collection of 2016, it was the concise round dial of LUCEA that became an ideal frame for sophisticated precious attractive attributes Artistic Gardens.
Lucea Il Giardino Paradiso, a housing of white or rose gold is decorated with 45 diamonds, Metier d’Art pearl dial, made by hand miniature with a picture of paradise birds, plants and colors, 34 diamonds, BVL 263 caliber with tourbillon
On the next sun
The initial source of inspiration for exquisitely light design Lucea served as an antique gnomon – ancient classic sundial. The effect of the daytime of the sun in the sky. Bulgari designers created at the expense of the perfect circle with symmetrical strict marking and diverging from the center with thin gold arrows on the background of a shining pearl or radial pattern of the guilloche. If you look closely, you can see that the LUCEA case is actually not a flat circle, but a little compressed in the oval and bend on the shape of the wrist. This not only gives the hour an anatomical form, but also creates an additional effect of the volume, it seems that time in Lucea seems to be the truth in the heavenly sphere. Without catchy unnecessary complications, lungs and compact clock Lucea from the very beginning were perceived by their owners as “second leather”, the accessory that you remember only when you need. A particularly successful find was used along with traditional leather straps of original scaly bracelets, in flexible joints of which the twisted links of the multi-row Serpenti were easily guessed. However, truly admiration for the nature, natural beauty and simple lines opened in Lucea only this year – when unique dials appeared in the sunny circle of the hull, which continued the Bulgari Art Gardens project, started in 2013.
Walk in the garden
Exotic and incredibly colorful paradise birds of two precious, decorated with exquisite, skillfully decorated dials of models Il Giardino Paradiso, are forced to vividly imagine the world of violent tropical flora and fauna. It seems that this is how the real “paradise garden” looked like, where the eternal spring, peace, beauty and universal harmony. Unusually complex in the manufacture of the dial of both options – a tribute to the talent of masters and their ability to harmoniously combine attractive materials and paints in such a thin way so that the perfect balance of the composition and color solution is achieved in the finished creation. Blue mother of pearl depicts a heavenly background, he is revived by a paradise bird and decor made from flowers and leaves of plants. This picturesque picture literally comes to life due to a thorough drawing of a lacquer made by a miniature master manually.
Lucea New Colors, pink gold housing is supplemented with a dial or strap trendy bright shades: sapphire and amethyst, you can choose the size of the housing, as well as the mechanism: quartz B046 or automatic B77 (in models with a diameter of 33 and 36 mm)
The picture is made even brighter diamond indexes of the clock scale and also decorated with diamonds of the rain of the case and the details of the bracelet fastening. In this case, in both models, the internal content is not inferior to the execution skill. To emphasize that in front of us – the top of not only jewelry, but also of the clock art, Kreferedo of the entire huge Bulgari manufactory orchestra, in the center of the blooming garden Il Giardino Paradiso is located a panoramic tourbillon of BVL 263, A discreet version of high jewelry art, submitting a new Lucea model in the collection of this year, fully decorated with diamonds, which are installed by the “snowy” attachment method. The clock made from 18-carat rose gold is completely – on the dial, body and the famous flexible bracelet, symbol of the Lucea collection, are decorated with diamonds. Jewelers were calculated that they took 117 grams of 18-carat rose gold and 1859 precious stones, which is 10.9 carats. The clocks affecting a clean light character are equipped with an automatic B77 caliber with an indication of hours, minutes and seconds and a 42-hour turn of the stroke.
Lucea High Jewelery, dial decorated with 487 diamonds installed by the “snowy” scaffolding method, 217 diamonds on the housing, another 1155 diamonds on the bracelet
Flutes and piccles
The first models of the LUCA collection were presented in popular universal body sizes: 28, 33 and 36 mm suitable for any hand. But the company, whose historical roots, aesthetics and sources of inspiration are still in Rome – the city eternal, but constantly changing and sharply felt fashionable trends, could not not answer the most relevant trend of this year: the return of elegant, miniature ladies. In the new Lucea collection, Mark offers a modern active woman new attractive and flirty clock Piccola Lucea. The design of the housing and the dial was recycled in accordance with the new very graceful size. Like all other models of the Bulgari collection, this watch and in order for them every day, and for especially solemn cases, when you need to add a note of jewelry chic to a classic form. And do not abundance of diamonds or precious materials, but only a hint, one form, for which the taste and style is undoubtedly seen. Started and the only single decoration of Piccola Lucea is a noble purple cabochon on the crown. But how fresh and luxuriously look like familiar forms thanks to new proportions! New Lucea models that expand the extremely successful collection have become thinner and miniature. The 23-mm body, like other models, is installed on a high-tech bracelet, so the “younger sister” is not inferior to other representatives of the radiant watch collection. Piccola Lucea watches are again perceived as a hymn light as the sundial of the XXI century, awakening memories of the cultural property of ancient Rome and intended for a resident of a modern city, who wants chic, but quite restrained and barely tangible on the wrist for hours to emphasize that it knows how to appreciate every moment of his Saturated life.

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