Bulgari 5th Element

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Bulgari 5th Element
Four factories included in the Bulgari manufactory represent all unique techniques and crafts necessary to create high-precision masterpieces.
The whole story of Bulgari is a real adventure, the path through the century and the country, through Greece, Naples and Rome, and today continuing in the traditional Swiss watch in the Jurassic Mountains. To see how no more similar hours are born, it is worth a fascinating trip along the Bulgari manufactory route: from the design of the calibers in Le-Sente through La sho de von in Saint-Laja, where there are clocks, and a nonsense, Where the clock acquires its final appearance. In total, more than 350 specialists are employed in Bulgari manufactory, representing dozens of professions on the creation of miniature high-precision details.
Factory of dials in Neuncer
Quintessence of mastery
The hour manufactory is the cornerstone of the entire Swiss culture, the value of which is not questioned by anyone. Many hour brands are proud of their own production, but only a small number of elected houses can proudly declare that they fully control the entire process of developing and creating hours. Not only mechanisms or, let’s say, the assembly, and literally everything is from the first sketch before installing the bracelet in the finished model.
Bulgari Haute Horlogerie SA mechanisms manufactory in Le-Sentex began work back in 2010. Already soon the premiere of the first BVL 168’s own caliber and the opening of the factory of the buildings and bracelets in Saint-lying. The process of the full cycle of the Bulgari Manufactory of Bulgari’s full cycle was completed by the opening of its own production of dials in a la-de-deeper and final assembly and control in Neuchatel, where the leading center of the entire manufactory is also located.
Four own production: mechanisms, buildings, bracelets, dials, as well as final assembly – included in the Bulgari manufactory cluster
What does it give? Naturally, complete freedom of creativity, allowing themselves to solve the most bold tasks, both technical and artistic. Only its own manufactory makes it possible to easily juggle with various complications, styles and jewelry techniques. Return from a fundamental reheetter with a free chronometer descent Ammiraglio del Tempo to the air super-modern ultra-thin reheet of Octo Finissimo. Turn a vintage unique brooch in Trend Wristwatch Serpenti Incantati, and then playing them to supplement them with a skeleton mechanism with a tourbillon. Create enclosures from innovative alloys and anti-magnetic “unhappy” materials in the Diagono Magnesium line and immediately demonstrate how to expand the boundaries of the clock mechanics, adding to the traditional mechanics of WiseKey and MasterCard.
Bulgari has always been proud that it is not an ordinary Swiss watch brand, blindly with the following bone traditions. And the construction of a 100% manufactory was not intended for external presentation, but to have the necessary forces to move forward, to get up in the forefront of a new hour tradition.

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