New Bremont watches are tested together with catapults

Bremont watches test

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New Bremont watches are tested together with catapults
MBII-WH to work in extreme conditions
In the 2016 Collection of the Bremont watch brand, MBII-WH watches, wearing the name of Martin-Baker, the manufacturer of catapults. The novelty passed the load testing along with Martin-Baker’s products, in addition, the clock for 60 minutes in front of a sharp drop was experiencing a load similar to an altitude of 30 km. Among other endurance tests there was a 96-hour test for corrosion resistance (the clock was exposed to salt, and then dried), to counter vibration, temperature test (24 hours at a temperature of -40 ° C and 24 hours at + 40 ° C).
TRIP-TICK clock clusters with a diameter of 43 mm made of steel. The inner body of soft metal protects against the effects of the magnetic wave of the COSC certified BE-36AE mechanism with the auto-winding and 38-hour stroke stock.

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