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Calling Piaget Manufacture – creating fine watches, investing in this process all his passion for accurate time measurement.

In addition to the undeniable skill in the production of ultra-thin movements, the Manufacture’s specialists have exceptional knowledge in the field of jewelry.

House has once again pushed the boundaries of the possible and transformed the dream into a shining reality.

Watches Altiplano 38mm 900D thickness of only 5.

60 mm embody boldness, elegance and sophistication, so close to the House of the Piaget, as well as the continued commitment to the creation of the finest buildings.

This outstanding model is a new example of a half-century virtuoso skill in the development of ultra-thin movements.

New watches – a true sample of luxury, decorated with diamonds up to the caliber and the housing and the mechanism to form an indivisible whole.

Model Altiplano 38mm 900D elevates the art of tie-stones to new heights of impeccable craftsmanship, rightly taking the place of the finest watches in the world of fine jewelry.

Dazzling exclusive creation, released in male and female versions, reflects the view of the House of Piaget to perfection.

Continuing to push the boundaries in the production of ultra-thin movements In 2014, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the House have been released revolutionary watch Altiplano 38mm 900P.

Unique sophisticated model based on a completely new concept, set a new record as the thinnest watch movement.

In addition to the thickness (of 3.

65 mm), this striking and specific model differs bold design.

Housing and caliber are combined, the latter serves as platinum, which is attached to 145 parts of the mechanism.

Conceived as a whole to achieve the record details, this watch literally embody the fusion of two integrated Manufactures Piaget: La Côte-Fe, which masters are developing mechanisms and in Plan-les-Ouates, where jewelers design and manufacture external parts hours together with watchmakers.

Housing, dials and sapphire glasses must fully comply with precious caliber they protect.

Therefore, to solve such a difficult task it took no less than three years.

And in 2016 a luxury model with an incredibly thin body turned into a real masterpiece of fine jewelry.

Diamonds even on the mechanism The motto Always do better than required – the basis of the philosophy of the House, which helps to perform the most difficult tasks.

Houses for Piaget mechanism – an integral part of the design.

Masters manufactory in La Côte-Fe and Plan-les-Ouates own more than 40 different techniques, so it is not surprising that the House has decided to combine watchmaking with jewelry.

Such a difficult task, which even affected the mechanism could be solved only through the unique skills of the best jewelers, which are embodied in the caliber 900D.

Earlier, the same great masters created skeletonized movement with manual winding 838D pink gold with a small second counter, the world’s thinnest skeletonized movement with automatic winding 1200D in white gold with 259 round-cut diamonds and the world’s slimmest skeletonized movement with automatic winding 1270D with 71 baguette cut diamond and diamond-cut 561.

Piaget jewelers – handlers light Production of ultra-thin watches – one of the main directions of the House, along with the complex art of tie-stones.

Master zakrepschiki with sharp vision and a sure hand each time make a real technical feat.

To tie stones on the ultra-thin watches, there is very little space, also need to keep clean rounded lines and the volume of the body.

Model Altiplano 38mm 900D, decorated with diamonds weighing 5.

77 carats and just 5.

60 mm thick, set a new record by becoming the thinnest in the world of watches from the category of fine jewelry.

Strewn with his creation 304 diamonds of various cut – from baguette on the bezel and dial scale to round to the ears and in the center of the body, the House of Piaget expertly demonstrated a symbolic fusion techniques.

In addition, the House stressed the exclusivity of a mechanism built into the platinum, using a tie-snow-setting.

With this refined technique when different diameters diamonds are mounted close to each other, completely hiding the frame of precious metal, it creates a flickering effect that resembles the glare of sunlight on snow.

In addition to labor-intensive performance, which went on for at least four days, considerable experience and expertise required for the selection of stones.

In an effort to achieve unsurpassed radiance to a high standard home, masters decorated with precious stones screws on bridges and wheels, and the whole case back and folding clasp bedazzle number of luxurious diamonds.

The history of ultra-thin watches Series of ultra-thin watches Altiplano (Spanish for the word means high plain) got its name in honor of the eponymous plateau in the central Andes, which is one of the highest inhabited regions of the world: the average height is equal to 3650 meters.

This is reflected in the number of exclusive fineness hours Altiplano 38 mm 900P, which is only 3.

65 mm.

Name 900P is reminiscent of the legendary 9P mechanism – the world’s first ultra-thin caliber with manual winding, Piaget released in 1957.

The mechanism of only 2 mm thick fate Manufacture defined in the field of ultrafine hours.

In 1960 godu the thinnest in the world with an automatic movement was recognized gauge 12P 2,3 mm thick, which was the first record in a long series of ultrathin mechanisms with both manual and automatic winding, with and without complicated functions.

It should be noted that 23 of the 35-house movements, designed and built by the House of Piaget, are ultra-thin, and 12 of them set records in its category.

These include the caliber 600P – the world’s thinnest movement with manual winding and tourbillon, and the caliber 1209P – a mechanism with automatic winding and small second counter.

First released in 1998, Caliber 430P replaced 9P and became part of the ultra-thin watches, called Altiplano.

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