Bovet Secret Beauty for Only Watch-2017

bovet secret beauty watch-2017

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Bovet Secret Beauty for Only Watch-2017
Gaisha on the dial is naked at night
The Bovet 1822 masters prepared an unusual model of Secret Beauty for a charity auction only Watch-2017. The name reflects a hidden in the first view of the original beauty of the clock: the watchmakers combined the traditional technique of miniature painting with layer-by-layer imposition of a luminescent material, as a result, the geisha is depicted on the dial from the pearl, the geisha has two and visible both in the day and at night. In the dark, the image is transformed and the clothes of the girl become transparent. To achieve such an effect, the artist inflicted two images at once on the dial. The diameter of the housing of white gold is 42 mm. Equipped with clock automatic caliber 11BA15.

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