Bosch Moskau Klassik: Participants will start on Saturday

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Bosch Moskau Klassik: Participants will start on Saturday
June 13, the car will begin the way to the old Kupavna from the Manezh Square
Bosch Moskau Klassik rally starts on Manezh Square in Moscow on June 13. At 11:00, with a minute interval from the start, the old Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Yaguara, and motorcycles will begin to leave. About four dozen participants of the rally will go towards the Avtodrode of the Russian Federation in Old Kupavne, where the most fascinating and overall part of the competition will be held on the most modern and technically equipped riding ring: races of pilots with the “Le Manovsky” start on the highway with a changeable surface friction coefficient – From dry asphalt to imitation of ice. The viewers are waiting for competitions in the aquaplanning bath, high-speed maneuvering exercises, checking the ability to observe instantaneous speed, a special competition on a dynamic drift slab and much more. The spectacular and exciting final of the pilot part will be the duel of Oldtimerov – paired high-speed races “For the departure” on the cabinet track of the car.
The first starting gate on the Manege Square will leave the car, released in 1915 – Roger Chevrolet, presented by the well-known restoration company “Kamyshmash”. Narrow body, steps, wooden wheels, a thermometer on the radiator cork – there was a car exactly a hundred years ago. “Chevrolet” has been preserved almost primarily – today it is probably the only representative of the brand of such an early period.
On the start of the rally will be present and “Living Legends” – Veterans of the Soviet Auto and Motorsport, Recordsmen, Champions of the USSR, Peace and Europe, Participants of the Racing and Marathones of the 60s-70s – Vadim Borzovich Rzhechitsky, Yuri Vsevolodovich Terenetsky, Alfred Antonovich Usan, Eduard Mikhailovich Mirzoyan, Alexander Nikolaevich Safonov and others.
Among the participants of the rally – real rarities with the history that the Moscow public will see for the first time. For example, BMW-503 is the penultimate instance in a series of 412 cars of this model. The cabriolet with the factory number 69411 was manufactured in 1960 by order of Prince Kuwait and sent to his residence in Lausanne, where he spent most of his life. The dynamic characteristics of the car are quite sports: acceleration to “hundreds” occurs in 13 seconds, and the maximum speed is 190 km / h. Conceived simultaneously as a sports and tourist car BMW 503 went on sale in 1956. For four years, released 273 coupe and 139 convertibles. BMW Classic Club Russia, established recently, established this rare car on the Bosch Moskau Klassic Rally.
As always, it will not be without stutgart classics of different years. At the start of Bosch Moskau Klassik, you can see Mercedes-Benz W123 230CE, Mercedes-Benz W116 280S, Mercedes-Benz 220SE and other models. Over the wheel of one of them – the convertible model W111 released in 1971 – Oleg Ryabtsev, Vice President of the Auto Party and Diagnostic Equipment of Bosch in Eastern Europe, will participate in the Competitions. The luxurious red coupe W123 will manage the People’s Artist of Russia, artistic director and chief conductor of the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra Pavel Kogan.
Another Troika German rareness is Volkswagen Carmann Ghia, BMW2000 CS and Porsche-356A. Their rivals on our part will be VAZ-2105 VFTS, GAZ-M20 “Victory” in a rare version “Cabriolet”, Moskvich 2140sl Rally, humpback “Zaporozhets” ZAZ-965 and, of course, the legendary Volga GAZ-21, without which No rally costs.
Pass of the audience to the start – free. The organizers invite everyone. Participants will come to gather at the Manezh Square on Saturday at 10 am.

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