Blue Kelpie gold Rolex between 105,000 yuan spot more money waiting for you to classic

@BULANG & SONS This switched Zhu version of “Rolex Grand Atlas,” a book, despite seven years old files, but there are still reference value, especially for the workers to be involved in antiques friends.

Talk about investment, in fact, I would be most theoretical advantage of, because I’ve worked in the securities company.

People before interest, tend to lose the most fundamental reason, or to make a rational and common sense with absurd things, even madness, which turns out to be love the deeper nerve.

Rolex investment value Rolex brand is one of the most investment value, it can be said that one of the top three brands in the world’s most worth the investment.

The reason, no more than three points: First, brand awareness.

Rolex is the world’s well-known brand loudest, most influential Swiss watch, in a way, more people know but do not know Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin; Second, because in this century among Rolex, maintained a very balanced or equivalent level of quality, it is difficult to see something shoddy Rolex, it is difficult to see very valuable Rolex products; Third, because Rolex is quite stable, the price of a second-hand scientific system, this is in fact derived from the first and the second reason.

Day-Date Ref.

6511, the first generation of Day-Date, produced in 1956, the reference price: ¥ 80,000-10,0000 Fluctuations in the value of Rolex In thirty years ago, Rolex most stable investment project, is a single room with a daily calendar section of the double-gold models and styles calendar full of gold, the Swiss watch industry is very depressed 1970s and 1980s, we have to do to ensure the heavy gold Rolex, With stable movement and the brand image of the tall, occupied the leader position was second-hand watch market.

From the beginning of the eighties, the classic bubble back first, followed by personalized sports watch, such as Daytona began to rise, after previous years did not sell well, even steel sports watch models not sell those big start serious popular, Rolex also began to face scarcity situation.

From today to see those rare antique sports style, price increases have twenty times twenty years ago, the height is not high, then there is always an expert, but the value of their investment or make speculative risk is increasing.

On the one hand is fake or assembled (especially frightening is assembled) more and more things, more and more difficult to identify, on the other hand is to spend hundreds of thousands to buy an antique steel price risk tables have been subsequently highlighted.

Modern Rolex prices, the magnitude of this decade has been doubled.

Steel Submariner bought ten years ago, was less than the new twenty thousand Hong Kong dollars, and now they have more than doubled.

While the other model has been to “afford” to the point.

It may also be sensitive to their senior players and a strong contrast prices caused.

In my opinion, the investment value should just love a by-product of the table, after making some played, be luck.

If it is purely as an investment, then I would recommend not to focus on watch, because too much money channels.


1690, is U.


MarinePrototype customized products, produced in 1982, production is extremely rare, case size 58mm × 44mm.

Price: ¥ 894000

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