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After the presentation of a very special Master Calendar models, with the meteorite dial, Jaeger-LeCoultre returning with another masterpiece.

Not only do these watches are unsurpassed external characteristics, they also come with a very complex mechanism with two-axis tourbillon, so-called, Spherotourbillon, and already with an additional indicator of the phases of the moon.

Your attention – Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Spherotourbillon Moon.

Spherotourbillon represent one of the finest developments Jaeger-LeCoultre along with Gyrotourbillon.

These clocks are based on two major innovations that have been incorporated in their name: Duomètre and Spherotourbillon.

Duomètre or Dual-Wing concept: not so long ago the need to reliably gauge the traditional process additional complexity and at the same time indicates the time, jeopardizing the accuracy of the mechanism.

Each additional complexity (that is, everything that is not directly related to the hours, minutes or seconds) affects the timing due to the costs of the additional forces needed to actuate the levers and mechanisms.

And these elements need even a simple date disc.

Changing date is activated by levers or gears, and then a date or date hand wheel performs jump.

To date wheel or date indicator make the leap, we need a certain energy.

In a small mechanical movement, these forces are relatively high.

So great that upon activation of the complexity level of accuracy will decline at a time.

Jaeger-LeCoultre created two separate transmission gear and two triggers drum springs, each of these elements is responsible for the actuation of a specific portion of the mechanism, one of which it adjusts the time, complexity and other controls.

Thus, the part that is responsible for the time, is not exposed to the negative effects.

Of course, most of the indicators related to the time – the date changes at midnight, the moon phase is governed by days and months.

So, in the end we get the two gear unit, which linked by a common regulator.

Spherotourbillon: as regulator acts tourbillon special type, also known as biaxial tourbillon.

At the time, as it rotates about the axis of its cage, tourbillon also makes a revolution about a second axis, which is mounted with an inclination angle of 20 °.

The combination of these two different and quick turns (respectively 30 and 15 seconds per revolution) provides much better protection against negative influence of the force of gravity than any standard tourbillon.

Spherotourbillon comes with its specific cylindrical carrying spring.

How it works in the new model of Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Spherotourbillon Moon? double wing concept herein means that one shutter spring and a gear unit actuated hours, minutes and seconds, and the second shutter spring and gear unit controlled moon phase indicator, which is installed inside the main dial.

Both triggers a spring connected to its own power reserve indicator (at position 1:30, 5:30).

When fully wound clock work for 50 hours.

The phase of the moon on Duometre Spherotourbillon Moon possesses extreme degree of accuracy, since it is designed so that when properly installed will remain accurate for as long as 3,887 years.

Another technical feature associated with the precision and adjustment hours.

Instead of the classical mechanism stopping the second hand when the time setting mechanism Duomètre Spherotourbillon equipped something backstop function, the second hand are reset to zero by a button located at the level of 2 hours.

If you press the crown, the balance wheel will continue to work, and thus, the clock will maintain accuracy even when adjusting the time to the nearest second.

Housing Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Spherotourbillon Moon size of 42 x 14.

3 mm made of 18-karat white gold and is equipped with a particulate silver-white dial.

Around sferoturbiyona mechanism 9:00 position can be seen superior ladder of untreated nickel silver with a satin finish, the same as that of the main mechanism of platinum and bridges.

Of course, all the trim is made by hand.

The price of this extremely complex and very attractive watches (limited edition of 75 copies) will be announced during the exhibition SIHH 2015.

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