Blancpain once again combined elegance and high-tech

New design emphasizes the elegance and brevity of the finest watches A.

Lange & Söhne.

The characteristic features of Lange watch collection complemented hours Saxonia Thin subtle proportions.

The thinnest wristwatch famous Saxon hour mark thanks to a new design case and dial now look even more elegant.

In 2011, A.

Lange & Söhne Saxonia Thin created a watch, embodied the quintessence of modern classics of watchmaking.

Five years later, this watch with a thin body and two hands on the dial become even more elegant lines.

Artfully reworked design of the dial is the best highlights inherent hours of kollektsiiSaxonia sophistication and lakonichnost.

Chasovye tag baguette-shaped, made of solid gold, slightly elongated and shifted closer to the rim than the previous model.

The dial of the new design, made of solid silver and silvered, radiates harmony.

40-millimeter thickness Saxonia Thin housing is only 5.

9 mm.

Watches are available in two versions – from the pink or white gold.

All parts Caliber L093.

1 manual winding and a thickness of 2.

9 mm shown impressive typical manufacture Lange high skill fine finishing.

The design of the mechanism is easy to find common elements, common to all hours of Lange collection, first of all, this three-quarter platinum, made of nickel silver and hand engraved balance cock, these details are carefully polished and decorated, emphasize the inherent Lange commitment to excellence.

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