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Over the past month or so, including Rolex crazy to see a lot of hot money, as we in the “more than 20 million white steel Di, about 800,000 Audemars Piguet perpetual calendar, you still love it? “(Public No.

linear time history article) in said,” Many once thought to be impossible to offer, not only now become a reality, it is the drain on the price to some extent.

” March 10, Morgan Stanley issued a joint LuxConsult “Swiss watches Research Report”, “Rolex for four consecutive years among the top global sales in 2020 accounted for nearly 25% of global market share,” the data has even pushed Rolex to the cusp, vaguely cattle created a national trend: table Friends TE idea of ​​finance name of 191,000 second-hand models start with a white steel Di, hand for an hour, not table Wu heat, sun Zhang started the group Friends of the table photos, 195,000 people are directly taken away – when paid 4000 yuan – but think of 191,000 to find a time, it has been found.

“Japan is shifting, month over losses, the decline was Sheng, days of constants.

” Recently, many people have words of our ancestors turned phrase from the book out, be informative, “Rolex popular models high premium for so long, has long been full of foam, is now skyrocketing last crazy, going on crash , the public price starting just around the corner.

” So, the next two to three months, the market popular models of Rolex might drop it? First, because the past month time Rolex popular models skyrocketing, in short, there are two: First, is the number of domestic hot money stock reduction; secondly, especially steel Di, stop the rumors do have some impact .

The number of levels, the new release soon, the number of dealers to the brand’s popular models plunged, almost breaking for the new level; the impact of the epidemic also continues, rumors of many watch brands do two days of the five production lines, further reducing production , this will be sold in Europe and America of the goods transferred in the form of a good domestic market, many foreign dealers complain that the arrival time is later, a small number of arrival.

But it is interesting that the number of domestic spot market hot money did not increase as expected like, but also reduces, or even once counter stock can talk about a small discount Datejust nowadays are considered a little scarce, and the prices there rose up .

The reason behind this, a large part of that was sweeping goods sold abroad.

The traditional view, the so-called watch down goods from Europe and America should be poured into the country to sell, but over the past year is a bit special, cut + transfer cargo, making the supply of new European and American markets gradually insufficient, but still needs at this time, demand> supply driven market the local popular models of rising to higher than domestic time, see table profitable business, naturally began to sweep goods to sell in the domestic market to a higher neighboring countries, Europe and America: mid-February, Hong Kong was in black steel Di 16.

9-17 million, or white steel Di 193,000 price acquisition of a large, almost a day’s time, black and white steel Di received a total of more than 30 pieces.

With the price of the security at the end, a lot of domestic table began to raise the retail price of the individual, and soon, around February 20, white steel Di retail market straight into the $ 200,000.

At that time, higher prices in Japan, down conversion almost 220,000 .






Meanwhile, the influx of hot money list providers.

There is no better investment projects in hand a lot of money because of the outbreak and other reasons the eyes of the rich, the watch industry is a good haven: the rise of vibrato, deft software makes it possible to more easily sales network nationwide, and popular models high-value, fast turnaround.

It was calculated that an account: 20 million investment, depending on the size of the city and, at the annual rate of return of 15% -20%.

It is not an exaggeration, but better than bank deposit, shares strong buy it.

Tragic history today just made by the Friends of the table: “wanted to make an effort to log money, who knows has dropped by two log between gold money.

” Cut-off level, after last year’s 32 green water ghost publish, market highs, 31 new ghost green water of the stock market but climbing higher and higher.

This gave many people a psychological hint: Rolex iteration of the new release, the old section of the market will rush a wave.

This year, “Di discontinued white steel, 41 mm new Daytona instead of” terrible news that more than a month, this time there are too many people who hold out the admission or before the cut-off to start thinking about, Patek Philippe avoid repeating the mistakes 5711A; or figuring out a small profit.

Then, these two reasons in the continuing future.

Discontinued or not a fact, it will not affect the; but the number of models available in the market will only become less popular.

There are two reasons: First, the brand is no reason to yield a large number of popular models, second, Wu’s case began to ferment, Customs will begin a thorough investigation, in November 2020, Shenzhen Beaconsfield seized several trucks entrainment smuggling watches, is prelude.

In the “generation” Legend “water off the fall,” we described in detail Wu things, but one thing was not written into, namely: Customs did not arrest the first time at the hands of cowboys Wu clearance but when he went to the location to send the goods, filling out all the information and then the recipient of net income.

That is to say, that once arrests, the officers actually have mastered the domestic part of the table’s delivery address, name and telephone number.

“2 years 700 million yuan! Threatened to only one million level business table quotient was arrested “in an article in the Xiemou is follow it, and watch some domestic agencies have also been implicated.

Moreover, Xiemou just the beginning.

Or rumors of it: a little name General Administration of Customs in Beijing, Shenzhen table provider, to determine the number.

If the roll call continued, then the number two watches on the market is bound to be significantly reduced, domestic demand change, then, market prices, discount stores tightening popular models tying improve the conditions are more normal thing.

There is also a problem: the list of Beijing table’s not difficult to understand, continuing Xiemou cases.

Shenzhen it? Wu is the result after the shipment express orders Paimo? Or other sources? Finally, I said Rolex popular models next two or three months the market is up is down, my answer is definitely up, for reasons not currently see fall .






If you ask, “hundreds of thousands of steel Di is now more than two hundred thousand, more than doubled, but also worthwhile to buy”, I do not know, depends on your own money and watch spending habits.

There is a good ratio: two to three million hand I am sure to buy a house, but it was directly into the premium RM basic models.

Who is right? Who is wrong? Do not do it just a personal choice? More watches story, the public may be concerned about the number of “linear time”

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