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Little! But how small? Unisex Firm Jewelry component The final answer A little strange question is in the header, right? Or, at the present time, nothing strange? However, our time itself is strange now, if anyone has not noticed .



However, we will try to answer.

Physically – of course, they can, unless the bracelet is small .



But is it appropriate – a female watch on a male wrist? Here, perhaps, a systematic approach is needed.

Little! The first thing that comes to mind is size.

The Lord created women more elegant than men, respectively, women’s watches – small compared to male.

Take, for example, the legendary Jaeger-Lecultre Calibre 101 model, the favorite watch of the British queen, in which Elizabeth II was crowned back in 1952 and which he still wears (only other copies).

These watches are the world record holder for long -lived and miniature: the mechanism with the Caliber 101 manual plant was created in 1929 and is still “in order”, and its size is 14 by 4.

8 mm with a weight of less than 1 gram.

Of course, a similar “trifle” on a male hand would be unnatural.

But how small? Still, “small” and “large” are relative concepts.

Half a century ago, 32–34 mm were considered a normal diameter of men’s watches, evidence of this – Hollywood blockbusters of that time.

So, in several films of the 1960s about James Bond, Agent 007 wears 34-mm golden Gruen Precision 510 hours.

By modern standards, the dimensions are unambiguously female! True, in the same releases of Bondiana on the wrist of Sean Connery there is a larger model – Rolex Submariner Ref.

6538 with a diameter of 38 mm.

Today, too, is not God the news of what diameter, but at that time – a completely masculine choice.

Unisex This is perhaps one of the key concepts in search of an answer to the original question.

The concept of gender orientation of certain objects is eroded today, the world is filled with unisex – in clothing, shoes, style, etc.

Naturally, in the clock.

That mentioned 38-mm Rolex is now not male and not female: he is “all”! And here is an example: in 2021 (nowhere more modern), Panerai (nowhere is nowhere) produces a couple of hours Luminor Due, “for him” and “for it”.

Diameters, respectively, 42 and 38 mm.

Is it decent to a man to put on these 38-mm “female” watches? Yes, of course! Just as it is decent for a woman to put on 42-mm .



for unisex! Firm This is also important, and maybe no less important.

The same Panerai is a name, it is a watch for combat swimmers, for saboteurs, for all kinds of “thugs”.

The same Rolex is a name that is not inferior in impressiveness.

Or, for example, Zenith, which produces a Revival series-hours dedicated to the cult chronographs of the 1960s, in diameters of 37–38 mm.


So the brand with the reputation of the elite – it solves a lot! Jewelry component For all the freedom of the 21st century, a man is not recommended for a man, after all, a purely female watch as Jaeger-Lecultre Calibre 101, which we started, or, for example, Bvlgari Serpenti, is highly large, especially the bracelet, even if he “climbs” on The wrist is still purely female.

However, for example, the Jacob & Co jewelry-watch brand and a long row of its models.

Let’s look at at least at Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette.

The price there is really astronomical, but we are not talking about that now.

And about the fact that – 235 diamonds weighing more than 24 carats! In other versions, other stones are blue sapphires, orange sapphires, rubies, various combinations .



In this case, the diameter of the case is 50 mm! The thickness of the case is 25 mm! It’s much more courageous .



although it would be easy to imagine a secular lady in such watches – it would not be surprising.

The final answer So can men wear a female watch? We answer: they can, but not all, but those that are closer to the category of “unisex” and, preferably, a good brand.

And here are women in a privileged position: it is decent to wear at least a specifically female watch, at least male .



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