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Internationally renowned watch media Hodinkee elected the best high-end watch on the Basel Watch Fair in 2018, followed by independent watch brand Akrivia observatory enamel facets three-pin, rainbow circle Rolex Daytona 116595RBOW, against the independent watch brand Voutilainen slow return GMT, the Japanese Grand Seiko VFA tune platinum sweep, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Patek Philippe perpetual calendar and salmon face Ref.

5270P perpetual calendar chronograph.

This six watch it, watch the majority of the most friendly attention than Di Rolex rainbow, gradient jewel in its bezel highly recognizable.

On the day publicly, at home and abroad have already related presentations overwhelming.

But Basel Watch Fair is mainly aimed at agents and distributors set of orders, and then look at the sample under-production in-kind, so watch altar table show the media have taken to experience the most is the model of the watch, such as Rolex Daytona 116595RBOW rainbow circle At that time, no real physical table.

The simplest model is no differential point assembly movement, are fixed pointer indicates 10:10:54.

Now that the table Friends of Rainbow Di has attracted wide attention, naturally core election Watchoosy to write a separate one and we talk about this watch.

Through unremitting efforts, we finally got the lead in the Rolex Daytona rainbow circle 116595RBOW, and bring you the world premiere of the physical evaluation of the article.

The 2012 Basel Watch Fair, Rolex introduced the first generation of rainbow Daytona, model 116598RBOW, RBOW here is the English abbreviation for “Rainbow” rainbow.

Its basic configuration and conventional precious metal version of Daytona’s not much difference, using the Rolex movements are homegrown Cal.

4130 mechanical chronograph movement.

The biggest difference is that the original digital speed outer ring removed, replaced gem ring, these gems gradient color was the law, and the rainbow is similar.

At the same time the case lugs set with round diamonds on the shoulder.

At that time 116598RBOW overseas priced at $ 89100, the domestic official price of 735,200 yuan.

After a brief experience in production, this 116598RBOW discontinued.

To cobble together such a circle of stones too difficult, more difficult is that this is a low volume list, would raise a lot of laps, Rolex put their stock is exhausted graded stones had to be discontinued this model.

In 2017, Rolex also introduced a follow-up yacht equipped with the same circle of stones, but not with a gradual transition effects.

In contrast, the Rainbow Di undoubtedly even more precious.

So the first generation of rainbow Daytona naturally all the way up in the secondary market price, the current price 116598RBOW even more than 1.

8 million yuan in sales of new listing unused.

Compared to the previous price, a full 1 times more than doubled.

Originally I thought that Rolex introduced a short time will not follow the rainbow Di, never imagined that in the second generation of rainbow Di model 116595RBOW of this year is available.

Compared with the first generation, this year’s new rainbow Di There are three main changes were in the dial scale pointer Case material and color.

The most important change than the dial scale.

First generation of the dial with rainbow Di commonly known as “big bag drill” square scale, and the scale echoes crown and shoulder lugs 56 inlaid round cut diamond, rather than the outer ring 36 inlaid gradient rainbow square stones.

To the second generation, a large square Rolex remove scale drilling package and replace it with the scale on the strip gemstone.

More commendable it is that these stones are arranged in the same scale rendering gradients, and color of the outer ring and graded stones one by one.

At the same time the original red paint pointer changed to black, you can say when you see at first glance this table, attention will certainly be focused on the colorful outer ring and scale, without being sparkling diamonds and a striking red pointer influences.

Another obvious change is the case material.

The first generation of 18K gold and rainbow Di offers 18K platinum two configurations, to the second substitution with a rose gold.

Although the same is made of gold-based alloy, but because it presents not the same color, the degree of the market and the first secondary market sought are not the same.

Generally, rose gold> gold> white gold, rose gold ruddy color rendering is more in line with modern aesthetic, 18K gold watch Friends may have considered too old-fashioned, and 18K white gold is considered too low-key, and it is difficult to distinguish ordinary steel open section Come.

18K rose gold color which mainly affected components, Rolex introduced a exclusive “Eternal Rose Gold” in 2005, and obtained a patent.

And compared to ordinary rose gold color gold eternal rose more full-bodied, with a slightly blue.

At the same time thanks to added precious metals platinum, rhodium, gold eternal rose more stable chemical properties, not prone to the “golden rust.

” The new Rainbow Di 116595RBOW used both beautiful and practical is this eternal rose gold material.

Original Rainbow Daytona difficult to get a table, so now in circulation with a lot of post-modification version.

Although the photos look similar, but the real gap still remains.

Rainbow Daytona essence lies in the outer ring of jewel color gradient.

Natural stones are more or less defective, so the stones used Rolex rainbow Di will be optimized to achieve a clean, bright, full-bodied texture.

In the beginning, jewelry and designer watches setters will work together to determine the layout of stones and colors, although natural gem can not do exactly the same, but the selection of Rolex jewelry purchasing department in tens of thousands of stones, with a color gradual transition that most coordinated 36.

The most difficult is that rainbow Daytona is a small-scale production models, the desired fader gem is not only a group, but at least dozens of groups, so as to produce watches only the corresponding number.

According to the beginning of the layout and design, and finally all of the outer ring rainbow gradient law Daytona is close.

The easiest way is to look to identify a few key positions gem color, the original rainbow circle is “on the right red purple blue left under yellow.

” The modified version of the latter often requires not harsh, do Rolex original standard color layout.

In addition, even if some post-modification rainbow color gemstone rings noticed several key positions, but they are not gradual transition between the natural and smooth, often sudden fault of color.

Common on watch mosaics divided into four, namely the “pearl inlay,” “Prong”, “package insert”, “rail insert.

” The Rainbow Di outer ring used the “rail insert”, as the name implies, there is a track on the precious metal texture of the outer base and precious stones embedded in the track is fixed inside.

36 except for the color gem ladder itself is the stringent requirements, which itself has predetermined sizes.

Rolex gem the size difference is only allowed within two hundredths of a millimeter, equivalent to almost one-quarter the size of the diameter of a human hair.

Only in this way, the last of these trapezoidal stones can closely form a perfect circle on the track.

The modified version of the latter, between its gems and precious stones, will be left small gaps between the stones and the track.

When the stones are placed in the outer ring of the track, in addition to considering the gap between the gems, jewelry gem setters also consider the height of the top of the table and every single, consistent point of view.

When we look at the original Rainbow Di from the side, you will find gems in the same plane.

Late modified version of a rainbow circle just need to do appear to have a positive effect can be gradual, not demanding for the side.

So when another angle, you will find the latter converted rainbow ring gem rugged, it will not only affect the aesthetic side, but also reduce the overall circle rainbow refraction effect.

Of course, there are also a handful of late grades refitted rainbow Di outer ring of stones, mosaic are doing well, ordinary table Friends difficult to distinguish.

But a detail on the original Rainbow Di dial, currently no one can imitate.

Rolex using three time-dial a technique called ‘Gold Crystals gold crystal’, the dial will be presented widmanstaffen-pattern Weidman cross pattern as nickel-iron meteorite layering, when shaking the watch, ‘Gold Crystals gold crystal the above irregular pattern because of the different refraction of light occurs, flickering.

The post-modification of the rainbow are based on false Di dial, the above pattern is painted, very rigid.

In addition, the original Rainbow Di gold shell and the general version slightly different.

When we look at the past from the front, you will find lugs, the outer contour of the red line and the blue line bezel Shoulders positions do not overlap, but after a lot of ordinary Daytona plus drill used to get converted, where blue It will cover the red line.

It is worth noting that the blue line is estimated to cover the red line can watch is the post-modification, but does not cover the red line and blue line, it can not launch a counter-original rainbow circle.

There is a circle in the watch list is “real good-looking than the picture,” so that when the core after the election to get the new Rainbow Di, a lot of friends have a private table to ask what kind of textures? How and compared to the modified version? Di rainbow and older can rival? Although only three changes, but it can be said that the final presentation of the effect is indeed very commendable, extremely glamorous.

Not only far more than the latter modified version, even more than the old models.

Especially large scale drilling package dial on the elongated strip into a gem material, the kind of “Tyrant” flavor fades lot.

Wantangshiren think Yong Tao in the “early Qing plug Road” which wrote a poem, “Night Rainbow Day oblique plug faint days, half of the mountains and rain marks.

” Black dial like a twilight background, but also highlight the colorful rainbow scale on the dial and the outer ring, while the shoulder lugs and raindrops like diamonds in general, with a shiny translucent texture.

When you see the kind of moment, it is really amazing one.

In addition to our Japanese friends also table first to get the new rainbow Di 116595RBOW, friends who are interested can point to watch the video, then they feel excitement! Although slightly exaggerated, but it is also true feelings.

The new Rainbow Daytona 116595RBOW overseas pricing 93000 Swiss francs, domestic public official price of 750,000 yuan.

Rainbow and the old section of Di original offer price is almost, but now the old section of the new inventory rainbow Di had to be 1.

8 million + up.

The new better than the old configuration, but also look better, but they have seen a severe price upside down.

When the new Rainbow Di just released, the faithful are still conjecture table, such as new after officially on sale, in the end is the new increase in the official price of hundreds of thousands, based on old models still in circulation prices drop hundreds of thousands? And as of the end of August, about the new Rainbow Daytona 116595RBOW market circulation in the secondary market is 1.

8 million yuan, the old models did not crash.

Even beginning to get a few new rainbow table Friends of Di, the price paid is 2 million yuan +.

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