Between women and handsome men wrist fine choice for you tease tease Han or sister?

Between women and handsome men wrist fine choice for you tease tease Han or sister?
First of all we talk about and, unlike every Wednesday.

“This shows that the value of it,” the show, which is a VLOG, we put it tentatively “VLOG buy a token.

” So, it is not “a million titles” and “fine cut”, some of the content will be more humor, this must say in front.

Look at the video: This is a modal window.

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In this episode, you will see: Zhao sledgehammer why despise Rolex counters? Zhao taught how old any of sledgehammer to buy the table? What sales communication way in the eyes of the old office is? Zhao sledgehammer Why was driven out of the store? Old there any suggestion of what to buy hot money? Revisit the story: First of all, why should shoot this? Because before many fans private letter we would like to learn some experience on the order form process.

But this topic, a word or two, or a program is difficult to say.

Everyone’s election list, shopping list and go through the process, after all, are not the same.

But my colleague Zhao sledgehammer or advice I can take the form of a film VLOG try, just when a SARS circle arrived, so there is this film.

Let me talk about: the film footage taken about three months ago, because the subsequent three topics is attached, involving a labor service watch repair, so the whole film’s release was postponed for a long time.

The film we see the dress, the old security card, are the causes.

Because it is the first attempt, so there are still a lot of places do not do well, I hope you can understand.

I especially want to say is, everyone stood on his point of departure, the understanding of the watch sales staff there will be different, of course, the level of sales in this industry is uneven, love the table is in the minority.

I have also done advertising sales industry, know that “some customers only the love of money, but some customers can become friends,” the truth.

So, in all these years to buy watches in the process, I will often empathy, and those like you will find love the table, you also like to do business sales friends.

In fact, many of my friends complain about the service is not in place, hot money can not buy, not just a Rolex, AP, RM even PP, is it not the same? Just Rolex fame, low threshold Bale.

Also want to say is, VLOG inside the old Ren said, just one of the words must have biases, but also look table watch faithful family of light spray, I suggest that you can in the comments area, more than their share order form story, experience or lessons, but also to those users who have not yet purchased a table, a little more help thing.

We are just one of the words, seek common ground, not seriously.

Finally, if you are interested in labor Shi Shashi circle, be sure not to miss our next issue of “positive” to ensure pretty fun and interesting.

SARS circle is not pretty at first glance table, but why we did not escape it? The next phase of the program give you the answer.

Next, put a few solid laps SARS under the program of the video shoot shots, be the first notice about it: Three kinds of color GMT Qi debut, is not very looking forward to it? If you like, “This shows that the value of it,” Welcome home number in the table which we subscribe, continue to focus our program Kazakhstan, the next issue is more wonderful, thank you for your support and encouragement! by any old table and he loved little friends

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