TOP-3: The best inexpensive wristwatches to start the collection

Good afternoon, hour-long amateurs and readers of my blog!

Each of us started somewhere. Of course, I’m talking about watches. For someone, the first watch was the watch of his father or grandfather, for someone – an inexpensive or very expensive gift, and for someone – buying a loved one for himself.

However, regardless of the price, appearance, age and condition of the watch, they are all similar in one thing – they were the first and will remain in our memory forever.

For me personally, the first watch was the inexpensive Casio AE-2000W (more about them here), after which I began to collect watches.

But which watches from the inexpensive segment can really be called the best to start the collection?

Rolex Datejust 36 Wrist Watch

Rolex Datejust 36 Wrist Watch

Honestly, it is very difficult to answer this question unequivocally.

After all, the modern market offers a huge variety of decent and beautiful watches for every taste and color.However, in today’s publication I will try to show you, dear readers, the best, in my opinion, options for starting a collection.

Beautiful mechanical wristwatch Orient Tristar

Beautiful mechanical wristwatch Orient Tristar

1) Orient Tristar

The legendary“Three Stars”from the Japanese watch house is the eternal hero of budget selections and a real hit of the segment for more than a dozen years.

And this is not surprising, because for 5-10 thousand rubles you get yourself an inexpensive,but very high-quality and beautiful branded mechanical (!) watch.

Available in numerous versions and variations,most “Tristar” will be equipped with mineral glass, a steel bracelet and a steel case, a good and very reliable caliber with complications of the date and day of the week.And, besides, all this will be “packed” in a classic and neat analog design.

Eternal Classic - Orient "Three Stars"
Orient Tristar dial close-up

Eternal Classic – Orient “Three Stars”

I have a very positive attitude to “Three Stars”. This is a great budget mechanical watch that will look flawless on the wrist and will fit perfectly into any collection.

Wristwatch ORIENT AB00002B


  • Mechanism type: mechanical
  • Gender: men
  • Construction features: self-winding, waterproof

All features

  • Maxi-Time4,849 ₽ by courier, 1-2 days8 100 ₽Look

As for me, if you want to start wearing and assembling a watch, Tristar is one of the best options to start with.

Budget Legend - Casio F-91W

Budget Legend – Casio F-91W

2) Casio F-91W

One of the most popular and no less legendary budget wristwatches in the world from the Japanese Casio I placed in second place selection.

The F-91W is a very budget quartz digital watch,produced almost unchanged since 1989 and are in good demand.

What is the formula for success? – Everything is simple – low price, high quality, simplicity, reliability, convenience and unpretentiousness in one.It would seem almost impossible, but the F-91W is a clear example of what you NEED to make a watch.

Best Budget Choice to Start With - Casio F-91W
Plastic, inexpensive, but very beautiful - Casio F-91W

Best Budget Choice to Start With – Casio F-91W

And let them be made almost entirely of inexpensive plastic (bracelet, case, glass),at a price ofonly ~ 1500 rubles,you will get a reallegend, accurate, convenient and reliable watch with stopwatch functions, timer, automatic calendar and backlight.

Наручные часы CASIO F-91W-1Q

4.7121 reviewsYandex.Market

  • Movement Type: Quartz
  • Construction features: waterproof

Without further ado, a simple but legendary watch that will confidently take place even in the collection of more expensive “brothers”.

Beautiful mechanical wristwatch Seiko SNK361

Beautiful mechanical wristwatch Seiko SNK361

3) Seiko SNK361

To supplement this selection, I decided not the most legendary or famous watches,however, not inferior to previous accessories, a reliable option. And this option is a mechanical watch from Seiko.

The SNK361 is a pretty decent classic budget watch from the Seiko 5 collection. They boast neat dimensions,the most reliable 7S26 calibre with date and day of the week complications inside, as well as a beautiful stylish design combined with high quality and reliability.

Dial seiko SNK361 close-up
Three best budget watches Seiko 5 up to $200
Bracelets budget Seiko 5 close-up

Dial seiko SNK361 close-up

The case and factory bracelet (unfortunately, not of the best quality) are made of steel, Hardlex mineral glassisinstalled, as well as a branded bright luminophor Lumi Briteis applied to the arrows and marks.

On the dial of the watch there is a pattern with the corporate logo Seiko 5

On the dial of the watch there is a pattern with the corporate logo Seiko 5

But for a little more prestigious and high-quality watches will have to pay a little more, but, nevertheless, not the most significant amount – ~ 7500 rubles.

Yes, it is more expensive than the previous Casio,however, as for me, the SNK361 costs this moneyin full. They areinsanely beautiful (resemble Rolex),made qualitatively and will take a worthy place in any collection.

7S26 movement through transparent watch cover

7S26 movement through transparent watch cover

As you can see, dear readers, start your collection with a good watch – do not cost too much.

Extremely decent copies can be purchased in the range of 3-5-10 thousand rubles, but you need to approach the purchase knowing exactly what you are looking for, because this segment, like no other, is full of low-quality watches.

Thanks for reading!

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